Welcome to Your Medical Home

We are your partners in wellness care, here to make sure you get the best support and information to help your doctor make decisions about your care. We are dedicated to preventing illness and complications to lessen your chance of experiencing a health emergency.

Your Care Team

The UVM Medical Center's team approach ensures better communication and coordination among all the professionals who provide your care. As part of Vermont's only university medical center, our doctors are top-notch clinicians, researchers and teachers at the UVM Medical Center and the University of Vermont.

Your care team includes health care professionals such as nurse practitioners, physician assistants and often residents - medical school graduates completing additional training. Medical students also train with us.

A clinical care associate will work closely with you to ensure your health record is complete and your needs are addressed. This helps keep time with your primary provider focused on your medical concerns. Our medical home support specialists provide administrative support to help you navigate our processes.

You have access in a number of ways:

  • Call Our Office
  • Connect Online with MyChart
    • Secure Messaging with MyChart
    • Keep Track of Your Medications
    • Refill Your Prescriptions
    • Receive Your Test Results
    • Manage Appointments

Patient-Centered Medical Homes

The UVM Medical Center's 11 primary care clinics have been nationally certified as patient-centered medical homes, which use a team approach as they work with you to prevent illness and keep you as healthy as possible.

This approach to health care allows you to spend more quality time with your primary care provider and actively partner with your care team to take control of your health. Your care team strives to provide you with the highest quality care and ease your experience, while coordinating with your other providers to ensure you receive the care you need. We'll also keep track of when you are due for important screening tests, lab work and vaccinations.

You may work with one of our Community Health Teams, health professionals who can spend extra time with you to provide support, education and guidance to help you meet your health goals. They can also help you track your medications, offer exercise coaching and nutritional support, and direct you to financial and medical resources at the UVM Medical Center and within the community.