Refering a Patient for Inpatient Care

A team of specially trained healthcare professionals are available 24 hours a day to assist with facilitating the transfer of patients to any of the UVM Health Network hospitals.

Regional Transfer Center
Call: 1-866-648-4(UVM) 4866

Required Referral Information
Please have the information in the patient referral form readily available to expedite the transfer process.

Our Electronic Health Record System

Why Epic?

The UVM Medical Center uses the Epic electronic health record (EHR) system.

  • Epic is the industry standard for EHRs.
  • Epic learns from its many clients and builds best practices into its foundational technology.
  • More than 200 million patients have current electronic records in Epic.
  • Epic allows us to exchange medical records with any Epic customer across the world, and with other non-Epic EHRs, providing current, up to date information on our patients.

Which UVM Health Network hospitals are using Epic?

Our Provider Portal - EpicCare Link

EpicCare Link is Epic's web-based application that allows the UVM Health Network hospitals using Epic to connect to our community of referring providers. EpicCare Link is not an EHR solution; it is a read-only application with service-oriented features, such as procedure order entry and appointment scheduling.

EpicCare Link is a secure web portal that connects you to information stored in our EHR for your referred and admitted patients. As your patients receive care from us, we'll send you notifications and updates. You'll have the information you need to plan patients ongoing care and they'll feel better, knowing that you're up to speed on all the care they receive.

Our Patient Portal - MyChart

MyChart is the patient portal for Epic, and provides patients the ability manage their own health care by requesting appointments, messaging their provider office, requesting prescription renewals, viewing testing results, reading visit notes, downloading their health record, and more.

Which UVM Health Network hospitals offer MyChart to their patients?

Click to view frequently asked questions about MyChart.

Additional Resources

The following UVM Health Network hospitals have resources and information for their referring provider community.