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Find resources to help guide you toward the correct path on your journey to wellness. Search our health library for interactive health-decision tools and links to our cardiologists and heart and vascular care specialists, or visit our list of support groups to find the support you need.

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As a university hospital, the University of Vermont Medical Center continually pursues better ways to prevent, screen for, diagnose, and treat conditions through medical research. Learn more about our research and clinical trials activities:

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Patient Stories

Barry's Story, Irregular Heart Beats (Arrhythmias) Read how Barry was treated at The University of Vermont Medical Center for Arrhythmias.

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Waiting for This Life-Saving Procedure Wasn't an Option

Daniel Novembrino, 83, could barely make it across the kitchen of his home without fighting for breath. Although COVID-19 ceased non-elective surgeries and procedures, without surgery, Novembrino was risking his life. Learn about the life-saving cardiac procedure called TAVR that Novembrino underwent that allowed him to be back home the next day.

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