Exterior photo of the UVM Medical Center entrance.

Birthing Center

111 Colchester Avenue
McClure, Level 7
Burlington, VT 05401

Our Birthing Center and Postpartum teams are here to help you through every step of the cesarean section (C-section) process, whether it is scheduled or unscheduled. We look forward to working with you to create a positive experience for you, your family and your new baby.

The UVM Medical Center uses the most up-to-date model for perioperative care to ensure the best possible outcomes for your C-section. This model is known as Enhanced Recovery After Cesarean (ERAC).

How to Prepare for Your C-Section

Please review the following brochure on the ERAC care model and tip sheet on the 24 hours leading up to your surgery. To view these documents in other languages, please click on the Patient Resources tab above.

UVM Medical Center C-Section Guide

Pre-Operative Information for Your Cesarean Birth

The day before your surgery, a labor and delivery nurse will call you to review fasting and bathing instructions and answer any last minute questions you may have.

On the Day of Your C-Section

Plan to arrive at the UVM Medical Center Main Campus two hours before your scheduled surgery time. Parking is available in the parking garage. Inside, information desks on Levels 2 and 3 of the hospital will help guide you to the Birthing Center on the 7th floor of the McClure building. You will be registered when you arrive at the Birthing Center, so you do not need to stop at the main registration office.

All jewelry (especially body rings - tongue, nipple, belly button), makeup, nail polish, toe polish and contact lenses should be removed before arrival. Please do not use any alcohol-based products such as hair spray, mouse or gel.


If you are a smoker, we encourage you to stop smoking before your C-section. This will help to keep your lungs clear and reduce the risk of developing congestion or pneumonia following surgery.

The UVM Medical Center is a smoke-free environment. No smoking is allowed in any hospital building or on the immediate hospital grounds. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Our visitation policy is subject to changed based on current infection prevention guidelines. At a minimum, you will be able to have one support person with you for the duration of your hospital stay.

Please review our most up-to-date visitation policy here.

There is limited space for family and friends, so we ask that you adhere to our guidelines of no more than two support people with you at a time. During surgery, your visitors may wait in the family and visitor waiting area of the Birthing Center. In order to maintain the privacy of other patients, visitors are not allowed to wait in hallways.

In general, one support person is allowed in the operating room during a C-section. However, your support person may be asked to step out of the room during certain procedures, and occasionally there are no visitors allowed in the operating room at all. Please discuss visitors and support persons with your physician and anesthesiologist.

Pharmacy Services

If you have prescription needs when you leave the hospital, you can have them filled at the UVM Medical Center Pharmacy, located in the main lobby on Level 3. The pharmacy accepts cash, check, credit cards and most prescription plans.

Please note that narcotic prescriptions for New York patients must be filled in Vermont, and outpatient prescriptions cannot be added to your hospital bill.

Patient Responsibilities

As a patient, we ask that you:

  • Read the UVM Medical Center C-Section Guide.
  • Follow the eating and drinking guidelines given to you.
  • Shower or bath with antibacterial soap both the night before your surgery and the day of surgery.
  • Follow the instructions you were given regarding your medications. Bring inhalers, nebulizers and insulin with you to the hospital.
  • Arrive promptly at your scheduled time. Being late can result in your surgery being delayed or cancelled.
  • Notify your doctor if you become ill before the surgery, or develop a blemish, cut, rash or abrasion on or around the operative area.

If, due to religious beliefs, you do not wish to receive blood or blood products during your surgery, please discuss this with your doctor and physician before surgery.


The UVM Medical Center is a teaching hospital and it is likely that residents, medical students and/or student nurses will be a part of your health care team. Your care team is fully responsible for, and in charge of, your care. If you have any questions regarding the role of your physician as a teacher, please discuss this with them.