UVM Medical Center Welcoming Policy – COVID-19: Effective Thursday, May 24

We know how vital families and support people are to our patients while they are healing. As the situation with COVID-19 in our community continues to change, we will need to adapt our policy to protect our patients, staff and community. 

This welcoming policy is effective May 24, 2022

Please Note:

  • Masks must be worn at all times when in our building by everyone over 2 years old, this includes visitors who are sleeping while staying overnight.
  • Visitors entering our facilities must be free of all COVID-19 symptoms and must not have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 10 days.
  • COVID+ visitors may be permitted in end-of-life care situations and must be cleared through the nursing unit.
  • Adult COVID+ or PUI patients are not permitted visitors except in beginning and end-of-life care.
  • Caregivers of minor children and the support person of a laboring patient will be permitted if COVID+, the nursing unit must be informed ahead of time.
  • PUI = person under investigation of having COVID-19 Support person = visitor supporting a patient  Caregiver = Adult responsible for direct care protection and supervision of a child or adult with special needs
  • Certain areas with high-risk patients may impose additional restrictions for the safety of patients.
  • For adult patients with special needs a caregiver is permitted..

Visitation guidelines will change depending on the severity of COVID-19 in our region and within our hospital. The most recent policy can always be found at: UVMHealth.org/MedCenter/Visitors

Inpatient: Adult
Including Inpatient Rehab

2 support people

1 support person may remain overnight as space allows.

*Masking is required 24/7 regardless of whether the support person is sleeping.

Inpatient: End of Life Care

Family presence at the end of life will be managed by the care team. In general, 4 family members at a time are welcomed for patients in end of life care.

Inpatient Pediatrics: Baird 5, PICU, Mother-Baby

2 caregivers at a time.
*COVID negative caregivers preferred.

Up to 3 people total at once to accommodate 1-2 siblings.
*Parents are asked to assure sibling is symptom-free, remains in room and can remain masked. 

1 adult permitted overnight
*Masking is required 24/7 regardless of whether the support person is sleeping. 

Inpatient: Labor & Delivery

2 support people at a time. If patient or partner are COVID+, only one support person allowed 

*A doula is a member of the care team and does not count towards number of visitors. Partners are considered essential, COVID+ partners are permitted. 

Inpatient: Psychiatry

2 support people

Emergency Department: Adult Patients

2 support people

Emergency Department: Pediatric Patients

2 caregivers.
*COVID negative caregivers preferred.

Urgent Care: Adult

1 support person

Urgent Care: Pediatric

2 caregivers.
*COVID negative caregivers preferred.

Surgical/Procedural: Adult Patients

2 support people

Surgical/Procedural: Pediatric Patients

2 caregivers

Adult Outpatient Clinic Patients
Includes diagnostic imaging and laboratory

1-2 support people as space allows

Cancer Center & Shep 4 IV drug administration: 1 support person

Pediatric Outpatient Clinic Patients
Includes diagnostic imaging and laboratory

2 caregivers
*Siblings may be permitted when alternate care arrangements cannot be made.