Billing Questions and Answers

Why do I have multiple account numbers?
You may receive three separate types of bills for your care: hospital, physician and anesthesia. Your account number is different for each type of bill. We apologize for any confusion.

  • Hospital bills include facility use, supplies, lab and radiology services, surgical and medical procedures, and hospital stays.
  • Physician bills include physician evaluation, consultation, order management, test interpretation and office procedures.
  • Anesthesia bills cover procedures requiring the services of an anesthesiologist, such as surgery.

How will I know how much my service will cost?
We can help put together an estimate of how much your service will cost. Learn more here. 

I can't pay the balance on the statement in full; what can I do?
We understand that you may not be able to pay the amount in full. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 802-847-8000 or 800-639-2719 to set up budget payments or discuss other financial assistance options. Without budget arrangements in place, the account may be referred to a collection agency. 

I can't afford to pay my minimum budget amount. How can I keep my account from going to collections?
UVM Medical Center has its own internal financial assistance program. It's our private program for our patients who want to pay, but for one reason or another, need help with the bill. Learn more about our Financial Assistance Program.

I stayed overnight at the hospital, so why is my visit billed as an outpatient procedure?
Sometimes, you need to stay overnight at the hospital because you are recovering from an outpatient procedure. If this is the case, we bill the overnight stay as an outpatient procedure. If you have more questions about this, please contact us.

I've never been to UVM Medical Center. Why I am receiving a bill?
UVM Medical Center provides more than just hospital, physician and emergency services. Many doctors in our community send samples to our Laboratory and Pathology Departments for testing and interpretation. If your hometown physician asked for help from a UVM Medical Center physician, you will be billed for the services performed on your behalf. In addition to those services, many of our doctors travel to other facilities to care for patients. You may be at another facility other than UVM Medical Center and receive the services of a UVM Medical Center physician.

My lab work was part of a preventative exam. Why am I getting billed?
In most cases, you do not pay for preventive care; however, you may need to pay for diagnostic care (meaning there is a sign or symptom of disease). When both preventive and diagnostic care occur during the same visit, you are responsible for the diagnostic services (i.e., co-payment, deductible, and/or co-insurance).

I was involved in an accident that wasn't my fault; isn't the homeowner's insurance or auto insurance responsible for paying my bills?
UVM Medical Center does not become involved in any litigation regarding fault. We will bill your personal health insurance for any services you receive, and upon request, we will send a bill to the alleged liable insurance as a courtesy to you. We will also help you establish a budget payment plan that will keep your credit history clean while you pursue liability with or without an attorney.

Do you accept my insurance?
Here is a list of insurance plans we contract with. We will bill most insurances on a patient's behalf; however, we do not participate with all insurance companies or their networks. Please contact your insurance company prior to your visit for details on whether your plan will consider services provided by UVM Medical Center as in-network. Even if UVM Medical Center is a participating provider with your insurance, some services (i.e., Rehabilitation Therapies or Mental Health) may not be covered by your plan.