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Cancer Support at the UVM Cancer Center

Cancer impacts your whole life and the people around you. Your team at the University of Vermont Cancer Center is here to help you throughout your diagnosis, treatment, recovery and beyond. The UVM Cancer Center offers a wide range of support services for cancer patients and their families.

We're here to support you and answer questions and concerns beyond your medical treatment. Call us at 802-847-8400 with your concerns and we'll find someone who can help.

Balancing Work and Cancer Treatment

Are you having a hard time understanding how you'll be able to manage working or caring for your family during this time? Do you need help with disability paperwork? Ask for a social worker. This is their specialty. The can help coordinate with your medical team and help you work through financial, disability and other practical matters.

Emotional Support

Our psychologists, mental health counselors, and social workers are here to help you and your immediate family members cope with your diagnosis and treatment, help you speak with family and friends about cancer, and refer you to other specialists.

Financial and Insurance Questions

Are you worried about how you will pay for your medical care? Our social workers can help you navigate and understand health insurance coverage, Social Security and disability programs and cancer-specific financial assistance.

If you have questions about a specific bill, call Patient Financial Services at 802-847-8000.

Frymoyer Community Health Resource Center

Get help finding the latest evidence-based health information. Staff members can help find information on treatment options, medications, surgical procedures, local resources, wellness and nutrition, and more. Call 802-847-8821, email ResourceCenter [at] UVMhealth.org (ResourceCenter[at]UVMhealth[dot]org) or visit UVMHealth.org/MedCenterCHRC.

Hair Loss and Wigs

Depending on your treatment, you may experience hair loss or other body appearance changes. This is different for each patient. If you think you may need help finding a wig, or if you have more questions about hair loss, ask to speak with our American Cancer Society patient navigator.

Places to Stay

An American Cancer Society patient navigator can help you with options for low- or no-cost places to stay during your treatment. One is Hope Lodge, which offers free lodging to cancer patients and their caregivers who have to travel away from home for treatment. Hope Lodge provides a nurturing environment where you can retreat to private rooms or connect with others. To request a referral, call our American Cancer Society patient navigator. Learn more at Cancer.org/HopeLodgeBurlington.

Symptom, Pain and Stress Management

You might need more help getting relief from the symptoms, pain and stress of a serious illness. The team of doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, social workers, psychologists and chaplains at the Palliative Care clinic are here for you.

Learn more about Palliative Care.


Do you have questions about how you're going to be able to make it back and forth to your treatments? Do not let transportation issues stop you from getting treatment. Our American Cancer Society patient navigator can help find a solution.

Wellness Activity Calendar

The UVM Cancer Center keeps a calendar of support services and activities for people who have (or have had) cancer:

Post Cancer Treatment Support Programs

Cancer Survivorship Program

The survivorship plan is available in a growing number of clinics at UVM Medical Center where patients with cancer are treated. As part of this service, you will receive an individualized treatment summary, a Survivorship Care Plan that will include information about your specific type of cancer, the types of treatment you received the effects of treatment that might appear in the future, recommended follow-up tests and resource information.

We want your entire health care team to be well informed about your needs. The Treatment Summary and Survivorship Care Plan is your one-stop reference document for you, your family and your health care providers.

Cancer Rehabilitation at the UVM Cancer Center

Regardless of the type of cancer and the time since diagnosis, we know that cancer survivors often experience difficulty in their everyday life. The UVM Cancer Center offers comprehensive rehabilitation services to cancer patients to help decrease the impact of these limitations. Some of the services we offer include:

Learn more about cancer rehabilitation at the UVM Cancer Center.