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Integrative Therapies at the UVM Cancer Center

Cancer and its treatment often come with significant challenges that require additional support beyond traditional medical approaches. Integrative therapies refer to the use of complementary therapies in collaboration with conventional cancer treatment to enhance wellness, improve quality of life, and relieve symptoms and side effects of conventional treatments.

Integrative Therapies at the UVM Cancer Center provides massage, acupuncture, yoga, mindfulness, wellness programs and other complementary therapies to cancer patients and survivors. These therapies have a proven track record for controlling pain, fatigue and other side effects, while improving psychological outlook and quality of life.

For questions or to find out more information, please contact us at 802-847-9935 or email kristie [dot] groveratuvmhealth [dot] org (Kristie[dot]Grover[at]uvmhealth[dot]org).

Hands-On Therapies

Along with conventional cancer treatment, many cancer patients benefit from integrative medicine such as:


What it is: Therapeutic massage used to address muscle stiffness and pain and to promote relaxation.
How to Access: 

  • Hematology/Oncology Infusion (during infusion treatment). First-come-first-served – tell your infusion nurse if you are interested.
  • Inpatient Hematology/Oncology
  • Outpatient by appointment (limited, by appointment)


What it is: Thin needles placed at specific points in the body to treat pain, nausea/vomiting, hot flashes, fatigue, stress, anxiety and sleep disorders.
How to Access: Currently on hold due to COVID-19.


What it is: A healing technique in which the therapist channels energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the body's natural healing processes and restore physical and emotional well-being.
How to Access: Currently on hold due to COVID-19.

Wellness Services, Classes, and Programs


What it is: A mind-body practice used for increasing mobility, balance and strength, and decreasing stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue.
How to Access: 

  • Yoga4Cancer: Wednesdays 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. on Zoom. Learn more here, and email Geriann [dot] Higginsatuvmhealth [dot] org (Geriann[dot]Higgins[at]uvmhealth[dot]org) to register.
  • Yoga for Chronic Conditions (includes cancer): Thursdays 9 a.m. -10 a.m. on Zoom. Email Julia [dot] OSheaatuvmhealth [dot] org (Julia[dot]OShea[at]uvmhealth[dot]org) to register.


What it is: Mindfulness meditation and relaxation tools to reduce stress and anxiety, relieve symptoms and encourage wellbeing for patients and caregivers. Weekly drop-in classes and 8-week intensive program available. View Fall 2022 program details here.
How to Access: Email Donna [dot] Smithatmed [dot] uvm [dot] edu (Donna[dot]Smith[at]med[dot]uvm[dot]edu) or call (828) 450-4250 for class dates/times.

Health Coaching

What is it: One-on-one support and education around exercise, nutrition and other healthy lifestyle behaviors. Rather than prescribing a specific diet or exercise plan, the health coach and client work together to create a realistic and sustainable plan that is tailored to the individual.
How to Access: Email Emily [dot] Calmanatuvmhealth [dot] org (Emily[dot]Calman[at]uvmhealth[dot]org) to schedule an appointment.

Steps to Wellness Oncology Rehabilitation

What it is: 12-week medically based, supervised exercise program (cardio and strength training). Through this program you will regain strength and stamina and decrease fatigue. In-person and virtual (Zoom) options available.
Cost: Program is free, but your insurance will be billed for the initial evaluations. You will not be charged for any portion of the evaluation that your insurance does not cover. You will be responsible for the co-pay associated with your plan.
More Information:
How to Access: Call (802) 847-9852 or ask your doctor for a referral.

Weight Loss to Wellness

What it is: 12-week class to promote weight loss and learn tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Includes individualized calorie goals and feedback from a registered dietician.
How to Access: Email kristie [dot] groveratuvmhealth [dot] org (Kristie[dot]Grover[at]uvmhealth[dot]org) for upcoming dates and to determine if you are eligible to participate.

Transition to Wellness Shared Medical Visits

What it is: Six-session group program to help survivors transition from treatment to optimal self-care. Visits include a mix of education, discussion, experiential activities and group support aimed at helping you take control of your health.
How to Access: Email Kristie [dot] Groveratuvmhealth [dot] org (Kristie[dot]Grover[at]uvmhealth[dot]org) for upcoming dates and to determine if you are eligible to participate.

For More Information

For questions or to find out more information, please contact us at 802-847-9935 or kristie [dot] groveratuvmhealth [dot] org (email us.)