How to Stay Healthy

Get tips to help you stay healthy and cope with COVID-19.

COVID-19 Q&A: Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and the COVID-19 Vaccine

Posted March 16, 2021

Pregnancy is considered a high-risk health category during COVID-19, making pregnant individuals eligible for the vaccine before the general public. You may have questions or concerns about the safety of the vaccine while pregnant or breastfeeding and we are here to help.

The Best Colorectal Cancer Screening? The One You Get Done

Posted March 12, 2021

Colorectal cancer is the second-most-common cancer in men and women in the United States, according to the American Cancer Society, but can be caught early and prevented with one simple step: screening. One of our experts explains the options.

The Pandemic’s Heart-Breaking Side Effect: Sitting, Sitting, Sitting

Posted February 23, 2021

Medical experts are concerned that the nearly year-long pandemic has led to a decrease in physical activity and increase in heart health risks. UVM Medical Center Cardiologist Sherrie Khadanga, MD, offers advice for stepping up activity at home, and ultimately, improving the health of your heart

Heart Issue Doesn’t Stop Cyclist for Long

Posted February 23, 2021

Passing out while riding a bike is never good. When it happens twice, it’s time to take action. For Ann Dávila Cardinal, a pacemaker has brought her back to the trails. Read Ann's story

No Warning Signs

Posted February 23, 2021

A seemingly healthy 16-year-old collapsed while playing basketball with his dad. Hope came in the form of the expertise of a local cardiologist...and the help of a fighter pilot. Read Quinn's story.

The Sad Connection Between Depression and Heart Disease

Posted February 19, 2021

Studies show a link between depression and heart disease, with each condition raising the risk of the other. As we navigate an uncertain future due to COVID, understanding the correlation could help save your life, or the life of someone you love. Read the full story

Getting Better All the Time

Posted February 19, 2021

A year ago, COVID-19 necessitated rapid innovation at the Cardiology Clinic. Today, that means improved care for patients

Seconds Count for a Second Chance

Posted February 19, 2021

Do you know what to do if you see someone suddenly collapse? For Lisa Woodworth, a colleague’s quick thinking helped save her mother’s life.

How I Avoided Open-Heart Surgery: Dottie’s Story

Posted February 19, 2021

According to the American Heart Association, more than 20 percent of older Americans have aortic stenosis, making it one of the most serious and common valve disease problems. An innovative heart procedure reduces risk and improves recovery. Learn more about this procedure and one patient's experience at UVM Medical Center.  

‘It’s a relief.’ Veteran First Responder Believes in Science  and the COVID-19 Vaccine

Posted February 9, 2021

First responder Mike Cannon, who has spent decades rescuing people from danger, says the COVID-19 vaccine is safe. He’s already received his second shot, and urges his colleagues to get vaccinated to protect themselves and those around them. Read the full story

She Survived COVID-19, but Full Recovery Seems Uncertain

Posted February 5, 2021

Ten months after surviving a serious case of COVID-19, Becky Aitchison still has not fully recovered. She is among an unknown number of COVID-19 survivors – collectively referred to as long-haulers or people with ‘Long COVID’ – This is her story.

At 105 Years Old, Sophie Knows the Vaccine Will ‘Get rid of this COVID’

Posted February 5, 2021

Sophie Connors was a toddler during the Spanish Flu, so she knows something about how to get through a pandemic. She got her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and says “It makes me feel good, secure.” Read Sophie’s story.

COVID-19 Q&A Vaccines, Variants and How to Get Back to Normal

Posted January 28, 2021

As we await our turn to get the COVID-19 vaccine, a panel of infectious disease experts from the UVM Health Network address some of the newest questions to arise. Read the full COVID-19 Q&A.

A “Last Chance” to Give Back: 80-year-old Jean Rook Volunteers for Vaccine Trial

Posted December 31, 2020

Eighty-year-old Jean Rook had one thought when she heard that clinical trial testing for the COVID-19 vaccine would be happening locally: “Here in Vermont? Isn’t that wonderful!” Rook is one of hundreds of participants in the COVID-19 vaccine trial. Here is her story.

Rather Than “Sitting on the Couch and Worrying,” Lynne Niebling Rolled Up Her Sleeve

Posted December 31, 2020

Lynne Niebling is happy to play a role in the COVID-19 vaccine trial. “When I signed up for this, I was thinking about my husband, my children and my grandchildren,” says Niebling. Here is her story.

Why the COVID-19 Vaccine Trial is Part of “Life’s Mission” for Abenaki Chief

Posted December 31, 2020

Don Stevens knows that his fellow Abenakis may be reticent to sign up for a new vaccine. That, he says, is precisely why he felt he needed to participate in the COVID-19 vaccine trial. Here is his story.

Volunteer for a Vaccine Trial? It’s a “No-Brainer” for Milton Rosa-Ortiz

Posted December 31, 2020

When the news broke that UVM Medical Center would be conducting a clinical trial of a COVID-19 vaccine, Milton knew that as an older Latino and nurse, he had much to offer as a candidate. On Nov. 10, he rolled up his sleeve for his first vaccination. Milton is one of hundreds of participants in the COVID-19 vaccine trial. Here is his story.

COVID Vaccine: Your Questions Answered

Posted December 17, 2020

As our health system receives and begins administering the COVID-19 vaccine, infectious disease experts from UVM Health Network have collected your questions to ensure you have the information you need. Read the Q&A with Cindy Noyes, MD, Kristen Pierce, MD, Beth Kirkpatrick, MD, and Tim Lahey, MD, MMSC.

Why I Volunteered for a COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

Posted December 15, 2020

Three volunteers discuss why they volunteered to participate in the COVID-19 vaccination trial conducted by the University of Vermont Medical Center and UVM Larner College of Medicine tell us why they stepped forward. Hear their stories

Our Pandemic Holidays

Posted December 15, 2020

As COVID-19 cases rise here and across the nation and the most wonderful time of the year is likely feeling less festive for the vast majority of us in Vermont and Northern New York. You are not alone, our infectious disease experts share their plans to celebrate safely and their hopes for a brighter 2021.

COVID-19 Disrupted Everything, Including Sleep

Posted December 15, 2020

Have you developed insomnia during the pandemic? You are not alone. Here is some expert guidance to help you take control and rest easy.

Need Another Reason to Wear a Face Mask? Your Own Protection

Posted November 24, 2020

Thanks to our diligence, communities in Vermont and Northern New York have experienced some of the lowest COVID-19 infection rates in the nation. With flu season looming, we can add one more powerful tool to our prevention measures.

COVID Conversations: How to Speak Up and Stay Friends

Posted November 23, 2020

We’re embarking on a complicated holiday season where we’re urged to stay home and physically distance. This is hard, but our expert shares the science of gratitude, along with three exercises that can help you feel more positive and less stressed. Learn more about what you can do

Turning the Tide Against COVID-19 During Thanksgiving

Posted November 23, 2020

Many of us are yearning to spend time with loved ones we have not seen in person for a long time. But with COVID-19 spreading throughout our region, a physician shares how his family is rethinking this year’s holiday plans.

Fight Your Grief by Finding Gratitude

Posted November 19, 2020

We’re embarking on a complicated holiday season where we’re urged to stay home and physically distance. This is hard, but our expert shares the science of gratitude, along with three exercises that can help you feel more positive and less stressed.

Life Span vs. Healthspan: Eating for Longevity

Posted November 19, 2020

Did you know that genetics play only a small role in determining our longevity? That means you have the power to flip the script on how you age. Learn how you can make changes to maximize your health well into the future. 

Supporting Your Medically Complex Child into Adult Care

Posted October 27, 2020

When your child is a medically complex patient, it’s important that their transition from pediatric specialty care to adult care goes smoothly. Here’s the steps you can take with your care team to support your child.

Ready for What’s Ahead? You Have the Power to Prevent a Twindemic

Posted October 22, 2020

Thanks to our diligence, communities in Vermont and Northern New York have experienced some of the lowest COVID-19 infection rates in the nation. With flu season looming, we can add one more powerful tool to our prevention measures. Read our suggestions for staying safe during flu season.

Feeling Too Old for a Pediatrician? Tips for Young Adults Seeking Adult Care

Posted October 13, 2020

Need to see a doctor but feeling too old to ask your parents to make an appointment? By taking a few simple steps, you can ensure that you are able to take care of yourself, become more independent and remain healthy as you grow older. Here’s the steps you can take with the help of your parents.

Learn how to Stay Safe While Voting

Posted October 9, 2020

It is important to carefully consider how to vote safely and what method will work best for you as you participate in this year’s election. Election Day will be held Tuesday, November 3. Read our suggestions for voting safely!

How to Host a Virtual Baby Shower

Posted October 7, 2020

New parents need support from their friends and family, but it’s important, most especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and flu season, to keep these new families healthy. It is time to get creative. Virtual baby showers are a great way to celebrate the expecting parents without needing a large number of people to gather in the same space. Read more for ideas, tip and tricks!

Top 5 Home Cooking Safety Tips

Posted October 7, 2020

With favorite restaurants now closed or limited to outdoor dining, there has been a surge in interest around home cooking. Whether you are an expert home chef or teaching yourself the basics, kitchen mistakes happen. Cooking is the top cause of fires and fire-related injuries in the home. Check out UVM Medical Center's tips for keeping you and your household safe from kitchen-related injuries.

He Beat COVID-19, But Won’t Mess With the Flu

Posted October 2, 2020

Richard Pritsky, 74, beat a serious case of COVID-19 that put him on a ventilator in UVM Medical Center’s intensive care unit. Now that he’s healthy again, he doesn’t intend to mess with the flu. Learn about the steps he’s taking to prep for flu season and a possible “twindemic.”

New Baby During COVID-19? Postpartum Resources for Parents

Posted October 2, 2020

COVID-19 may be changing commutes and limiting travel, but it’s still important for your child to be riding in a vehicle safely.To keep your child protected in the event of a crash,Seeking out the support of friends and family during your postpartum period is so important. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has created additional challenges for families with new babies. Here are some resources that are available to you at this time.

Travel Has Changed, But Car Seat Safety Remains

Posted September 30, 2020

COVID-19 may be changing commutes and limiting travel, but it’s still important for your child to be riding in a vehicle safely.To keep your child protected in the event of a crash, here are some child passenger safety tips and reminders.

How to Raise Confident, Flexible Kids

Posted September 11, 2020

Parents have been asking what it takes to ensure they do a good job parenting their children - especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lewis First, MD, Chief of Pediatrics at The University of Vermont Children's Hospital, provides advices on how to build resiliency in your child.

Helping Your Child Cope During COVID-19

Posted September 10, 2020

While available evidence indicates that most children are not at higher risk for COVID-19, there are plenty of challenges facing parents and families during the pandemic. Read UVM Medical Center's tips for supporting your child during this time.

Watch Your Step: Preventing Injury at Any Age

Posted September 9, 2020

You are never too young to start thinking about fall risks, especially during the pandemic as we spend more time around the home. Follow these top tips for making small changes around your home to prevent falls for you and your family.

Back to School: Bus, Bike and Car Safety During COVID-19

Posted August 31, 2020

As educators and parents prepare for children to return to school safely during COVID-19, there are new anxiety-inducing concerns facing families. While much of the discussion has focused on what happens inside school, it’s important to consider safety precautions when traveling to and from school.

Helping Your Child Get Used to Masks

Posted August 31, 2020

Wearing masks or cloth face coverings is an important way to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect our community, but this can be challenging for children. Read the Q&A and watch the video.

Child Water Safety: Four Steps to Prevent Drowning

Posted August 31, 2020

Seventy percent of children age 4 and under who drown were not expected to be at or in the water, according to a study by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Read what you can do to keep kids safe.

Frequently Asked Questions about the COVID-19 Vaccine Process

Posted August 21, 2020

UVM Medical Center Infectious Disease specialists answer questions ranging from how do vaccines work to prevent illness to why there are so many vaccine trials in development for COVID-19. Learn about vaccines.

Behind the Scenes with a Pandemic Response Team

Posted August 13, 2020

Late one evening in mid-March, CVMC infectious disease specialist Jessica Leyse, MD, read the latest evidence on the transmission of COVID-19 and concluded: “We have to mask everybody at CVMC.” Our infection prevention experts recall the early days of the COVID-19 crisis, and how their experience will inform our future response.

What to Expect at the Dentist During COVID-19

Posted August 11, 2020

The mouth is a "gateway" to your body, and impacts overall health. With dental offices now open, don't put off your next visit. As we all adjust to living long-term with COVID-19, learn what to expect for your first appointment back.

Miracle Micro-Preemie Triplets Overcome the Odds

Posted August 10, 2020

After four long months in the NICU, the DeShane family and their miracle care team got these triplets home to meet their siblings. Read the remarkable story of births that spanned days, months, years and decades.

‘We’re Not Wired to Be Isolated’

Posted August 3, 2020

When the state prohibited large group gatherings, agencies and organizations that assist people in recovery from substance use disorder across Vermont pivoted to provide their services remotely. Learn how organizations maintained connections and continued to support people in recovery during these difficult times.

Living in the Here and Now With COVID-19

Posted July 29, 2020

If you step outside and gaze at Vermont’s proud mountains, you could almost believe there’s no virus out there, but make no mistake, COVID-19 is here, and we must remain vigilant. We talked to some local physicians about where we are in this pandemic, what we know about the virus and what we can expect for the foreseeable future.

Prevent Falls to Avoid Osteoporosis Complications

Posted July 28, 2020

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of every four adults age 65 and older will fall. If the pandemic has led to a decrease in your daily exercise, this could put you at greater risk of falling. Read our tips on how to prevent falls at home and what to do if you do fall.

Caring for Your Grandchildren? Set Yourself up for Success

Posted July 28, 2020

While our communities slowly re-open, many grandparents may find themselves providing care for their grandchildren. Learn how to establish an open dialogue with your child and their spouse in order to prevent potential conflicts.

Smoking Took Her Husband and Her Son. Now She’s Ready to Quit.

Posted July 24, 2020

Marilyn Powell knows all too well about the impacts of smoking. She has no doubt that smoking contributed to the death of her father, her husband, even her oldest son who passed away in his sleep at 39 years old. But as any ex-smoker knows, that is easier said than done. Learn more about the smoking cessation care she received during COVID-19.

Mask Myths: Does a Mask Limit My Oxygen Intake?

Posted July 16, 2020

Gill Allen, MD, a pulmonologist and critical care physician at the University of Vermont Medical Center and professor at the University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine, dispels some myths and answers popular questions about the efficacy of face masks.

Still Working From Home? Set Yourself up for Success

Posted July 10, 2020

Let’s face it, our homes are not necessarily equipped to be our workspaces, yet ergonomics is essential to your working environment – wherever it is – to prevent stress on your body. These ergonomic basics will keep you comfortable and productive during your working days from home.

He Was Concerned About a Heart Attack, a Bigger Concern Than COVID-19

Posted July 10, 2020

In early June, Dan Clark, 65, woke up in the middle of the night with “major” heart burn and a tingling feeling in his left shoulder, hand and arm. Learn how his care team quickly responded, safely getting him the care he needed.

Waiting for This Life-Saving Procedure Wasn't an Option

Posted July 10, 2020

Daniel Novembrino, 83, could barely make it across the kitchen of his home without fighting for breath. Although COVID-19 ceased non-elective surgeries and procedures, without surgery, Novembrino was risking his life. Learn about the life-saving cardiac procedure called TAVR that Novembrino underwent that allowed him to be back home the next day.

Top 5 Questions About Safe Summer Celebrations

Posted July 2, 2020

Summer is here and you’re likely asking yourself what is safe? And how do I participate in my usual summer activities? We asked Central Vermont Medical Center infectious disease physician Jessie Leyse, MD, MPH for her advice on staying safe this summer.

Celebrating With Fireworks on the Fourth of July? Expert Advice for Staying Safe.

Posted June 30, 2020

With local cities and towns cancelling fireworks due to COVID-19, we expect an increase in fireworks displays being set from peoples’ backyards, so let’s talk safety. If you choose to light fireworks at home, please follow these safety tips.

ATV Injury Cases Triple Prompting Safety Warning

Posted June 30, 2020

All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are a popular recreational activity and they can be a useful tool for those who own large areas of land or farms, however the UVM Medical Center reports a threefold increase in ATV-related injuries in the Emergency Department this season. Here’s our guidance for riding safely.

Celebrating Life, Family and Survival

Posted June 26, 2020

After fighting and winning his battle against Covid-19, Albert LaDuke is back with his family and the things he enjoys - especially his scratch-off tickets. His treatment and rehabilitation at the UVM Health Network helped him build strength and independence so he could return home. Read Albert LaDuke's story.

Got Back Pain? These Patients Got Care Without Leaving Home

Posted June 17, 2020

With limited in-person appointments available, Joseph Van Horn and Raymond Mitchell describe how they were able to receive orthopedic care for back injuries. Learn how they both got care during COVID-19.

Unsafe at Home: COVID-19 Isolation Increases Risk for LGBTQ+ Community

Posted June 12, 2020

During Pride Month, it's important to be aware that our LGBTQ+ community has faced increased mental health and safety risks due to COVID-19 isolation. Learn what you should know.

I’m At–Risk for COVID-19. How Do Older Adults Get Care, and Stay Safe?

Posted June 5, 2020

As we shift to a longer-term acceptance of our new reality, many patients in our older adult population have been asking great questions about their health, their risks, and how to live a healthy lifestyle while social distancing. UVM Medical Center geriatrician Amelia Gennari, MD answers your questions.

Bouncing and Playing in the Backyard, Safely

Posted June 11, 2020

Trampolines and bounce houses are fun and present a great way for kids to expend all that extra energy, but they come with risks. Learn basic ground rules to follow to reduce the risk of serious injury.

COVID-19 Antibody Testing and Immunity

Posted June 5, 2020

There has been much discussion in the media on the use of serology (antibody) testing in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of this information is misleading, setting unrealistic expectations on how we could use testing to re-open the economy, or identify a person’s COVID-19 immunity status. Let’s debunk some of the myths surrounding this test.

Welcome Back: We’ve Got You Covered

Posted May 22, 2020

Health care facilities across our region are now resuming in-person elective procedures and appointments. See what's changed at our locations to keep you safe at your next appointment. Learn what is new.

North Country Man Got Care, When and Where He Needed It Most

Posted May 22, 2020

In early April, Clayton K. Trimm of North Lawrence was facing a dilemma. He was worried about how he could receive the medical care he needed while still helping to flatten the curve of COVID-19 infections. Check out how video visits worked for Clayton.

Dining Out, Public Beaches and Hugs? Here’s Expert COVID-19 Guidance

Posted May 22, 2020

Infectious disease expert Tim Lahey, MD, answers your latest questions about being outside our homes as businesses reopen and stay-at-home orders begin to relax. Get your answers.

With Stroke, Seconds Count

Posted May 22, 2020

May is Stroke Awareness Month. Neurologist Christopher Commichau, MD, talks about signs of stroke, and how fear shouldn't keep us from getting needed care. Learn the signs and symptoms of stroke.

Poisoned From Foraging: Wild Ramp or False Hellebore?

Posted May 22, 2020

The UVM Medical Center Emergency Department has seen a spike in poisonings from people ingesting a plant called false hellebore that they thought were wild ramps. Find out how to tell the difference and what to do if you eat hellebore.

‘Miracle’ Technology Is Keeping Nursing Home Residents Safe and Engaged

Posted May 15, 2020

If there’s one thing Nancy Durham has learned in her role as activities director at Helen Porter Rehabilitation & Nursing in Middlebury, Vermont, it’s this: “You don’t mess with Bingo,” she says. “Pandemic or no pandemic, Bingo will go on.” Find out how seniors are embracing technology.

Two-Year-Old Handles Speech Video Visits Like a Rock Star

Posted May 14, 2020

Two-year-old Reed flashes a wide grin at the tablet on his kitchen table in Colchester, Vermont. Alexis St. Croix, a pediatric speech-language pathologist with UVM Health Network’s Home Health & Hospice, smiles back and waves at her young client and his mom, Ashley Hurlbut, thanks to a pediatric video visit. Learn how easy video visits can be.

Getting Used to Our “New Normal”

Posted May 14, 2020

With a majority of states relaxing restrictions on staying home, people may feel a growing temptation to return to their pre-pandemic lives. In this Q&A, we discuss how to manage the natural urge to socialize, how to understand our reactions and feelings, and how to establish new, healthy routines to help us cope with our “new normal.” Read our FAQs.

Have You Always Been Curious About Gardening? Here’s the New Victory Garden

Posted May 14, 2020

Growing food for yourself or your family is empowering and benefits both mental and physical health. Growing a few things at home can help reduce the number of trips to the grocery store and can make a big impact in your weekly food budget. Learn how to grow your own victory garden.

Delaying Care Is Dangerous: One Patient’s Journey

Posted May 8, 2020

When Priscilla Baker called her doctor about a pain in her abdomen, she didn’t think twice about how health care has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. She knew she needed care, and she needed it now. Read Priscilla's story.

Hear From Our Pediatric Experts: COVID-19 Q&A

Posted May 8, 2020

Got questions about your child’s health care during COVID-19? We are here for you. Watch our recent Facebook Live with pediatric experts Lewis First, MD, Chief of Pediatrics at UVM Children’s Hospital, Keith Robinson, MD, pediatric pulmonologist and Vice Chair of Population Health and Quality Improvement, and pediatric infectious disease physician Ben Lee, MD.

Spring Fever Is Healthy, Injuries Are Not

Posted May 8, 2020

The signs of spring are outside my window. With nowhere to go, I know I’m not the only one tempted to tackle all the yard work projects that have been pushed off due to life and busy schedules. But, accidents do happen. Learn more about accident prevention and where to go if you are hurt.

A Mother’s Story: Delivering a Baby During COVID-19

Posted May 7, 2020

Ever since the pandemic began, I have had a lot of ups and downs and mixed emotions. So much of pregnancy is about preparation, and with everything changing so quickly and frequently, it was hard to feel completely ready for the birth of my first child. Read this personal story from a local mother who recently delivered her child at UVM Medical Center.

Avoiding the Emergency Room? Waiting Could Be Worse

Posted May 1, 2020

Illness and injuries happen. During the COVID-19 pandemic, University of Vermont Health Network providers have found a concerning trend: people are delaying the care they need. Learn why delaying care can pose a greater risk than viral exposure.

Had Enough? You Might Be Suffering From Compassion Fatigue

Posted May 1, 2020

If you find yourself muttering “I. Can’t. Even” more and more often as the COVID-19 pandemic wears on, you might be suffering from “compassion fatigue.” Aron Steward, PhD, chief of psychology at UVM Health Network’s Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital, says no one is immune during this uncertain time and offers some guidance to keep compassion fatigue at bay.

The Latest COVID-19 Symptoms, Questions and Answers From Infectious Disease Expert Tim Lahey, MD

Posted April 30, 2020

Experts are learning more all the time about the highly contagious respiratory illness known as COVID-19. Get the latest information and expert guidance from Tim Lahey, MD, MMSC, an infectious diseases doctor at the University of Vermont Medical Center.

5 Strategies to Help With COVID-19 Changes, Stress and Worry

Posted April 30, 2020

In this video series, Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital Robert Althoff, MD, Chief of Psychiatry, and Aron Steward, PhD, Chief of Psychology, provide helpful coping strategies and important perspective for us all to consider as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch our videos for handling anxiety and stress.

Cooking From Your Pantry: Pasta Fagioli

Posted April 30, 2020

Most of us have much more time at home these days than we used to, but we’re also making fewer trips to the grocery store and are trying to buy ingredients that will last. With a few common ingredients learn how to make pasta fagioli a healthy, cost-effective soup that’s delicious, comforting and great for leftovers.

Don’t Wait to Get the Care You Need - Video Visits are Available

Posted April 24, 2020

Whether it be an illness, injury, or ongoing medical condition that needs attention, please know that our primary care providers across the UVM Health Network are open and ready to provide care. Find out how it works and hear from a patient.

Avoid Poisonings During Pandemic: Five COVID-19 Safety and Cleaning Tips

Posted April 24, 2020

Our poison prevention expert shares advice for safely using and storing cleaners, and debunks myths about drinking disinfectants. Get key safety steps for cleaning at home.

Surviving a Serious Case of COVID-19

Posted April 22, 2020

Three days after he was put on a mechanical ventilator, Richard Pritsky awakened to see members of his care team assembled around his bed at UVM Medical Center, the unmistakable look of relief in their eyes. He had been successfully extubated, brought out of deep sedation, and was breathing on his own. Hear from Richard and his care team on how he survived COVID-19.

Understanding Grief, Resilience and the New “War” at Home

Posted April 22, 2020

Shira R. Louria, PsyD, a psychologist at UVM Medical Center, shares the lessons she learned living through several wars and applies this unique insight to help us face this global health crisis. Learn how to process our reactions and cultivate hope.

Nursing in a ‘Hot Zone’ Fighting COVID-19

Posted April 22, 2020

Joanne Rheaume, DNP, RN, CEN, CPHQ, a nurse manager of urgent care and infusion at UVM Medical Center’s Fanny Allen campus, writes about what it is like to be in the thick of COVID-19 care, with days long and full and racked with the stress and anxiety from this disease. Read Joanne's account of work life during a pandemic started.

Child Stress During the Pandemic

Posted April 22, 2020

In his previous article, Dr. Lewis First shared tips for parents on how to relieve the stress of spending so much time with your children at home and feeling isolated from the rest of the world. Now, he focuses on helping children reduce their fears and anxieties during this coronavirus pandemic.

Trouble Sleeping During COVID-19? Advice From an Expert

Posted April 17, 2020

When talk of the coronavirus first started, my 8-year-old daughter was coming downstairs 20 minutes after we had put her to bed, which was unusual for her. At first, she couldn’t explain why she was having trouble sleeping, but as COVID-19 quickly became an inescapable part of our lives, we knew this must be the cause. Read five tips to get your best night’s sleep every night.

Preserving Access to MAT During a Pandemic

Posted April 17, 2020

Prescribing regulations for buprenorphine have been relaxed to keep recovery on track during Vermont’s state of emergency and stay-at-home order. Learn how providers are connecting with patients through video visits and phone calls.

Parent Stress During the Pandemic

Posted April 16, 2020

Dealing with the Coronavirus on an ongoing basis can be stressful enough. Factor in being at home with your children for the rest of the school year while still trying to get things done for your job or just keeping the house in order and the stress multiplies. Get some tips for coping from Lewis First, MD, Chief of Pediatrics at The University of Vermont Children’s Hospital.

Vermont Recovery Services Are Now a Single Call Away

Posted April 16, 2020

Vermont Department of Health launches VTHelplink Referral Resource to help people with substance use disorder access services during the COVID-19 crisis. Learn about VTHelpLink services.

Ready to Mask Up? Here’s What You Need to Know

Posted April 14, 2020

Some experts are now recommending that you wear a cloth mask when you need to be in public settings. Learn what you need to know about making and wearing cloth face coverings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the UVM Health Network.

Sacrificing to Save Lives: Why Some Health Care Workers Won't Go Home and How You Can Help

Posted April 10, 2020

Like many health care workers across the country, UVM Medical Center nurse Kathleen Keenan moved out of her home weeks ago to protect her family. If she can stay away from her children, we can all do our part too and stay home and help save lives by slowing the spread of COVID-19. Learn how for Kathleen and others, the stay home message is personal.

Family Gatherings, Holidays and More: Additional Tips on Celebrating Missed Milestones During Covid-19

Posted April 10, 2020

It is disappointing to cancel family gatherings, traditions and other big milestones due to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. Here are some of our ideas and recommendations on how to celebrate these events without exposing yourself, or your loved ones, to infection.

Staying Healthy at Home Resources 

Posted April 10, 2020

It’s more important than ever that we all stay home to slow the spread of COVID-19. Find information on how to protect yourself, cleaning and disinfecting your home, and self-isolating if you are sick.

Coping With the Stress of Isolation

Posted April 10, 2020

We are social beings and so it is important for us to stay socially active and connected while we experience and practice physical distancing. In fact, research supports that remaining connected to our community and to ourselves improves our immune system response. Learn how to connect while distancing.

Feeling Down? Anxious? Try This 3-Minute Activity During COVID-19

Posted April 10, 2020

Mindfulness techniques, like meditation, have been shown to help in the management of stress and depression. Find out how it can help, and check out free apps to guide you.

Helping Your Teenager Cope With the Quarantine

Posted April 10, 2020

At a time in life when it’s both developmentally appropriate and culturally expected to seek independence from parents or guardians, teenagers have suddenly been brought back to the nest. Living in close quarters may be especially tough for this age group, and helping them cope will involve listening, empathy and patience.

Got Security Concerns About Connecting With Your Doctor via Video? We Have Answers.

Posted April 9, 2020

Recently, you may have heard reports of security and privacy issues with Zoom and we want to reassure you that the Zoom program that UVM Health Network has implemented across our practices is secure and private. Learn about the protections we have in place.

Going Stir-Crazy? Ideas for Low-Risk Outdoor Activities

Posted April 9, 2020

It’s tempting during this time of important social isolation to sit on the couch or get motivated to tackle those big household projects. Either way, it’s important to get moving, but stay safe. Get ideas on safe ways to exercise.

COVID-19 Answers From Infectious Disease Expert Tim Lahey, MD

Posted April 6, 2020

As we seek to protect ourselves and our loved ones while preventing the spread of COVID-19, accurate information and expert guidance is more important than ever. Here, Tim Lahey, MD, an infectious diseases doctor and professor of medicine at the University of Vermont’s Larner School of Medicine and the University of Vermont Medical Center, offers his take on some of our most pressing questions, as well as some personal perspective. Get answers about COVID-19.

How to Clean a Car Seat to Prevent Infections

Posted April 6, 2020

With increased vigilance to prevent infections, parents and caregivers may be considering cleaning their child’s car seat. Here are our tips and advice to do so safely.

Safety Tips for Household Cleaning and Medication Storage During COVID-19

Posted April 6, 2020

Based on the empty shelves at the grocery store, it seems like everyone is stocked up on cleaning products and medications as they self-isolate at home. We want to make sure that you are keeping yourself and any children in your home safe, not only from the virus, but from potential dangerous situations. Learn how to stay safe.

Keeping Your Teeth Healthy During COVID-19

Posted April 6, 2020

The efforts to contain and reduce the spread of the novel COVID-19 virus included dental offices closing their doors for all non-emergent dental procedures. This likely affected many of you and your families. We’ve received many interesting questions about preserving dental health. Let’s take a look at answers to some of these questions.

Acknowledging Your Stress During COVID-19

Posted April 2, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted every aspect of our lives, from the way we shop for food, school our children, converse with others and work – or not. The very foundations of our community have been shaken. This is a lot to accept and we should give ourselves the patience and understanding to acknowledge how truly difficult this time is for both our physical and mental health. Learn ways to keep ourselves at balance.

The Doctor Is In: Find out How You Can See Your Doctor From Home

Posted March 27, 2020

The University of Vermont Health Network has significantly expanded video conferencing in Vermont and New York in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how it works.

COVID-19: Anxiety Is Normal, What You Can Do to Cope

Posted March 27, 2020

Anxiety is natural response to threats that are looming or beyond our control. Here are some strategies that may help you stay healthy and connected in the midst of this pandemic. Tips for coping with anxiety.

Social Distancing...With Children

Posted March 26, 2020

If you are feeling overwhelmed, or at a loss as to what you can do to keep your children occupied while practicing social distancing, Safe Kids Vermont is here to help with tips for free activities that will keep you safe, healthy and only require what you already have around your home. Get tips for free activities with your kids.

Cancelled Birthday Party? No Graduation? Tips on Celebrating Missed Milestones During COVID-19

Posted March 26, 2020

It can be hard to deal with the emotional response when you cancel these events as they are often related to some of life’s most exciting milestones. We offer some of ideas and recommendations on how to celebrate these events without exposing yourself, or your loved ones, to infection. Get ideas for safely celebrating milestones.

To Help Us Save Lives, Stay at Home

Posted March 25, 2020

Slowing the spread of the virus will help us care for those who need it most. When you must go out, to work or the grocery store, try to keep six feet distance from others. During school closures, keep your children at home. Learn why staying home helps #FlattenTheCurve.

How to Care for Yourself and Protect Others If You Test Positive

Posted March 25, 2020

Learn how to care for yourself and others if you test positive for COVID-19. While you cannot be treated for the virus with antibiotics or antivirals, you should self isolate and take these steps to support your recovery.

Breathe In, Breathe Out: How to Deal with Stress Due to COVID-19

Posted March 25, 2020

Nowadays, it seems as though the only thing people are talking about is the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, a topic that brings up a lot of strong feelings of worry and anxiety. Learn new and different ways to manage our stress.

How to Boost Your Immunity to Fight COVID-19

Posted March 25, 2020

We are just reaching the peak of flu season, and with the addition of COVID-19, finding ways to boost your immune system has never been more important. Learn some tips and tricks on how to remain at my healthiest during this time