Mental Health Programs

Our extensive mental health specialties range from outpatient counseling for children and adults and to inpatient care for acute mental illness and 24/7 crisis response service. Learn more about mental health programs at the UVM Medical Center:

Mental Health Library.
Health Library

Our online health library provides you with a trusted source to research symptoms and conditions and find resources to help guide you toward the correct path on your journey to good health. The library also offers interactive health-decision tools and links to our mental health care providers.

Mental Health Vermont Medicine Find a Doctor.
Find a Mental Health Specialist
Wellness Vermont Medical Support Groups.
Support Groups

The University of Vermont Medical Center offers support groups for a wide range of populations in need, including diagnosed patients, disease survivors and family members. Most all group meetings are free.

Jamila Headley, Neurological Disorder.
Patient Stories

Jamila Headley, Neurological Disorder Read how Jamila Headley, a Saint Michael's graduate, was treated at The University of Vermont Medical Center for transverse myelitis.

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Resilience, Grief and Covid 19

I was very young when we were taken to an underground shelter, when bombing sounds began and war started. In my hometown we had the only home with a built-in bomb shelter and neighbors joined us. I remember that experience very vaguely, but enough that it left a mark. I have memories of my father

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