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Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit - Fanny Allen Campus

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Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit - Fanny Allen Campus
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Fanny Allen Campus
Colchester, VT 05446
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Clinical Health Psychology Services

At The University of Vermont Medical Center's clinical heath psychologists offer the following services to patients:

  • Comprehensive evaluation for diagnostic and treatment planning purposes.
  • Individual counseling, following a structured, time-limited psycho-educational approach, to develop active, productive coping strategies (eg, biofeedback-assisted relaxation, stress management, assertiveness, anger management.
  • Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy for the treatment of psychological and behavioral problems such as somatic anxiety, depression, and abnormal illness behavior.
  • Desensitization training for individuals with fears of medical and surgical procedures.
  • Behavior change programs to reduce health risk factors such as smoking, deconditioning, and stress.
  • Conjoint/family counseling to address the impact a physical illness or injury on family dynamics and to change family responses which may hamper successful coping.
  • Exposure plus response prevention treatment to help individuals overcome fear-avoidance associated with a physical injury or condition.
  • Psychological evaluation to screen for psychological/behavioral contraindications to surgery and other medical procedures.
  • Independent psychological evaluation to assess disability and impairment status.

Evaluation and treatment of therapy services are subject to the conditions of the patient's insurance coverage. Approval for mental health services is not generally arranged through primary care and the phone number to seek authorization can typically be found on the back of the insurance card.

	  	  Jennifer R. Jenkins, PHD
Jennifer R. Jenkins, PHD
Clinical Neuropsychology
	  	  Robertus F. Theisen, PHD
Robertus F. Theisen, PHD
Clinical Psychology