Compliance Info

Name Downloads
Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) Information Download PDF
ABN and Other Notices of Patient Financial
Liability Policy
Download PDF
Disclosure of Medicare Regulations Download PDF
Medicare Compliance and Coverage Limitations Download PDF
Medicare PAP Smear Guidlines Download PDF
Screening Pap Tests and Pelvic Examination Brochure Download PDF
Non-Covered ICD-10-CM Codes for all Lab NCD's Download PDF
Medicare Parts A and B Coverage and Preauthorization Download PDF
Laboratory Preventative Screening: Quick Reference Download PDF
Molecular Pathology: Quick Reference Guide Download PDF
Naturopathic Physicians and Doctors of Chiropractic Ordering Diagnostic Laboratory Testing, May 2012 Download PDF
Noncovered Services LCD-L33629  Download PDF
Noncovered Services Billing and Coding A57812 Download PDF

Patient Potential Financial Liability Forms

Advanced Beneficiary Notice of Non-Coverage Form Download PDF
Advance Notice of Potential Non-coverage by a Commercial Insurer Form Download PDF
Notice of Financial Responsibility to Medicaid Beneficiary Form Download PDF
Tricare Request for Non-covered Services Download PDF

Preventive Services

Medicare Preventive Screening Educational Tool Go To Site
Cardiovascular Screening Go to Site
Cervical Cancer and HPV Screening Go to Site
Colorectal Cancer Go to Site
Colorectal Cancer Screening LC Article A52378 Download PDF
Diabetes Screening Go to Site
HCV Screening Go to Site
Hepatitis B Virus Infection Screening Download PDF
HIV Screening Go to Site
Pap Test and Pelvic Exam for Early Detection of Cervical or Vaginal Cancer Go to Site
Prostate Cancer Screening Go to Site
Sexually Transmitted Infections Screening Go to Site

Coverage Decisions

Alpha Fetoprotein NCD-190.25 Download PDF
Blood Counts NCD-190.15 Download PDF
B-Type Natriuretic Peptide (BNP) Testing LCD-L33573 Download PDF
B-Type Natriuretic Peptide (BNP) Billing and Coding A56826 Download PDF
CEA NCD-190.26 Download PDF
Collagen Crosslinks NCD-190.19 Download PDF
Cytogenetic Studies NCD-190.3 Download PDF
Digoxin NCD-190.24 Download PDF
Drug Screen Urine, Billing and Coding Download PDF
Drug Screen Urine LCD-L36037 Download PDF
Genomic Sequence Analysis in the Treatment of Hematolymphoid Diseases LCD-L37606 Download PDF
Genomic Sequence Analysis Solid Tumor Neoplasm LCD-L37810 Download PDF
GGT NCD-190.32 Download PDF
Glucose Testing NCD-190.20 Download PDF
Glycated Hemoglobin (A1c) NCD-190.21 Download PDF
HCG NCD-190.27 Download PDF
Heavy Metal Screening Billing and Coding A56767 Download PDF
Hepatitis Panel / Acute Hepatitis Panel NCD-190.33 Download PDF
Histocompatibility NCD-190.1 Download PDF
HIV (Diagnosis) NCD-190.14 Download PDF
HIV (Monitoring) NCD-190.13 Download PDF
Iron Testing NCD-190.18 Download PDF
Lipid Testing NCD-190.23 Download PDF
Next Gen Sequencing (NGS) for Medicare Beneficiaries with Advanced Cancer - CAG-0045N Download PDF
Occult Blood NCD-190.34 Download PDF

Molecular Pathology Procedures LCD-35000

Commercial payers might require preauthorization for Molecular Pathology tests

Download PDF
Prothrombin Time NCD-190.17 Download PDF
Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Biomarker Testing (Prior to Initial Biopsy) LCD -L37733 Download PDF
PSA NCD-190.31 Download PDF
PTT NCD-190.16 Download PDF
RAST Type Tests LCD-L33591 Download PDF
RAST Billing and Coding A856844 Download PDF
Solid Organ Neoplasm LCD-37810 Download PDF
Sweat Testing NCD-190.5 Download PDF
Thyroid Testing NCD-190.22 Download PDF
Tumor Antigen CA 125 NCD-190.28 Download PDF
Tumor Antigen CA 15-3 and CA 27.29 NCD-190.29 Download PDF
Tumor Antigen CA 19-9 NCD-190.30 Download PDF
Urine Culture NCD-190.12 Download PDF
Vitamin D Assay LCD-L33556 Download PDF
Vitamin D Billing and Coding A57736 Download PDF

Laboratory Contact Information

If you have any questions about Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, please contact Laboratory Customer Service, at 847-5121 or 1-800-991-2799 or Fax 802-847-5905. University of Vermont Medical Center, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine-MP-103, Burlington VT 05401.

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Licensure and Accreditations

American Association of Blood Banks
American Society For Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics
College of American Pathologists-Main Campus
College of American Pathologists-Fanny Allen Laboratory
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments '88 Main campus
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments '88 Fanny Allen
Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy
New York State Department of Health, Clinical Laboratory Permit