Point of Care Testing at the UVM Medical Center


Laboratory Medical Director: Clayton Wilburn, MD
Laboratory Manager: Monica Sullivan, MT, ASCP
Supervisor: Judy Schwenn, MSA, MT, ASCP
Point of Care Specialist: Tyler Lothian, MLS (ASCP) CM
Point of Care Specialist: Alexander Paci, MLS, (ASCP) CM


At Point of Care Testing, our goal is to improve patient quality care with immediate laboratory test results providing patient convenience, cost savings, and quicker treatment turnaround time at outpatient facilities and patient bedsides.

We are a JCAHO-accredited division of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and monitor all laboratory tests performed at the UVM Medical Center and Network outside of the main laboratory. All monitored tests have been approved by the Point of Care committee through validation and correlation studies performed within the UVM Medical Center’s Main laboratory.

In order to obtain Point of Care Testing at any desired location, a test request application must be summited to the Point of Care committee for approval. Once the request is approved, the Point of Care division will work to help set up programs, training, competencies, and manage supplies.

For further information, or to obtain a test application form, please call the Point of Care Office at(802) 847-1116.

Current Tests

  • ACTc by iSTAT
  • Bodily Fluid pH by pH paper*
  • Blood Gases by iSTAT
  • Chemistry/Electrolytes by iSTAT
  • Cholesterol, Glucose and Lipids by Cholestech*
  • Group A Strep by OSOM Strep A*
  • Hematocrit by iSTAT
  • Hemoglobin by Hemocue 201* or Hemocue 201DM Hemoglobinometer*
  • Hemoglobin A1C by DCA Vantage*
  • Lead by LeadCare II Test System*
  • Nicotine by NicCheck*
  • Occult Blood by Hemoccult Sensa*
  • Oxygen Saturation by Avoximeter
  • Provider-Performed Microscopy consisting of Fern Testing, Scabies Testing, Semen Analysis, Skin KOH, Urine Sediments, and Vaginal Wet Preps
  • Urine Drug Screening by National System 10-Drug Panel Urine Drug Screen Cup
  • Urine HCG by OSOM* and Clinitek HCG Testing*
  • Urinalysis Using Siemens Multistix 10 SG*, and Clinitek Status+ Reader*

* Denotes Waived Testing Status


POCT Instrumentation Laboratory Tests # of Tests Performed Annually
ISTAT All 22,000
Clinitek Status+Reader Urinalysis 33,000
Waived Testing All 55,000
Precision Xceed Pro Meter Glucose 200,000