Hear From Our Cardiac Rehab Patients

The following are testimonials provided by patients who have gone through UVM Medical Center's Cardiac Rehabilitation Program.

Personal Support

"The UVM Medical Center cardiac rehabilitation program provided me with the tools and the personal support I needed to get both my physical health and mental well being back on track and to return to a normal life. Cardiac rehab was far more than providing a space with exercise equipment. The staff really care about the people who have put their recovery in their hands. Not only do they design a program tailored to your specific needs and capabilities, monitor your progress and push you to succeed but they are right there with you every step of the way. This provides a comfort level that can't be measured but is appreciated by me more than I could ever put into words. The rehab program got me back to normal. Better than normal actually and it continues keeping me healthy because I have elected to use the UVM Medical Center rehab Phase 3 program for my long term health management." — RH

Experienced, Caring Staff

"I have very much enjoyed my cardiac rehab exercise program. It has helped me to improve my heart health. I look forward to seeing other friendly people as they exercise and rehab their hearts. There is a nice variety of equipment to help keep me moving. Best of all is the therapists. They are always close by and go "above and beyond" to offer a helping hand. Thank you for all you have done." — AG

"Since going to cardiac rehabilitation the staff has helped me to build up my endurance and strength after heart surgery. The facility and the encouragement of the staff has made it a comfortable and safe environment. I look forward to going each time knowing that it has helped me gain confidence and increase knowledge of a better and healthy lifestyle." — DH

"The staff does a wonderful job at cardiac rehabilitation. Your informative approach to many topics and cheerful - and sometimes humorous - attitude actually make it a pleasure to work-out. Always positive, you make people like me believe we can improve our heart health through exercise, so keep up the great work that you do." — JH

"The professionals at UVM Medical Center cardiac rehab set up a work-out plan specifically for me to reach the goals that we had set. I have been able to strengthen my heart and whole body with their personal attention and monitoring. I have also had a chance to make new friends with a similar cardiac problem." — MG

"The staff at cardiac rehab has mastered the art of professionalism and patience, combined with a ready smile and a word of encouragement to all who come. Many thanks for the work you do." — RP

Learn More About Cardiac Rehab

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