How to Stay Warm on Halloween Night

Girl in Halloween costumes holding pumpkin

We all know that children (and adults!) love Halloween. While we love to see the smile on children’s faces, we have to remember that October can be a chilly time. Before going out in your neighborhood, be smart and think ahead about the weather.

Here are some tips on how to stay warm on Halloween night:


Before choosing a costume, brainstorm some fun and warm costume ideas with your children. It is easier to think of ideas early, than a few minutes before going out.

Think layers

Instead of covering up their costumes, make sure it will be easy to add layers under their outfit. Consider buying costumes that are a size up, so that layers can be added underneath.

Add accessories

Find accessories that are easy to add to a costume, and that also cover bare skin. Capes and cloaks are great and warm additions to many costumes. Putting on tights is great way to cover bare legs. Don’t forget hats and gloves, too!

Pick appropriate footwear

Boots and sneakers are both good options for walking around. Not only will your kids be comfortable, but they are a guarantee for warm calves.

Buy hand and foot warmers

Parents, these won’t only be beneficial for your kiddos, but for your warmth as well!

Be prepared

It is always important to prepare and bring extra layers and blankets before it’s too late. Make sure to look at the weather forecast beforehand. We all know that Vermont nights can get cold!

Have a plan

Make sure to talk with your family or group about your route for the night. Make sure to set a time on when you want to be home and plan your route accordingly. Stay in an area that you are familiar with so you don’t get lost.

We hope everyone has a fun, safe and warm Halloween!


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