Pediatric Residency Program

Welcome to the Pediatric Residency program at the UVM Medical Center.

As you explore the University of Vermont pediatric residency program at UVM Medical Center, you will find that we are a great small academic department and program.

Sound like an oxymoron? Well, in fact, we enjoy the best features of both size and our academic setting: a personal, friendly environment in a place where each person is known, and where each person can truly make a difference to the educational program, and to the children and families we serve.

Nationally Recognized Faculty, Dedicated to Your Education

We enjoy, as well, all the best features of an excellent academic program - a diverse, nationally recognized faculty, all of whom are invested in the education of our residents, as well as in research and excellent patient care; and a talented group of residents whose academic and clinical skills flourish through the three years of residency.

Residents in our pediatric residency program come from diverse backgrounds and have diverse career goals. During the pediatrics residency, they have an opportunity to use their diverse skills to strengthen their own education and that of the whole residency team. Working as a group, our residents are encouraged to be creative participants in the continual reassessment and development of curriculum.

During the three years of pediatric residency, our residents become excellent clinicians. They also acquire advocacy skills which allow them to develop and apply new knowledge to improve their own clinical care of patients and to improve the community systems in which that health care is given.

Our residents leave here and go throughout the country to be part of competitive subspecialty fellowships and primary care practices. We hope that you will want to find out more about our pediatric residency program, please contact us or submit an application.


Jill S. Rinehart, MD

Jill Rinehart, MD, FAAP
Director, Pediatric Residency Program