The University of Vermont and UVM Medical Center dental residency program was started over fifty years ago and continues to attract outstanding dental graduates from all parts of the country. We believe that the medical education experiences gained at The University of Vermont dental residency program are very rewarding to the residents and Burlington, Vermont provides the perfect New England backdrop for living and learning.

Dental Residency Program Snapshot

Four dental residents perform comprehensive dental care in our dental clinic, using the latest dental materials and techniques. Residents have exposure to complex oral surgery cases performed in the operating room. Taking emergency calls allows dental residents to become proficient in treating any dental emergency. While here, residents have the opportunity to interact with general dentists and specialists in the community by working on cases together and through attending dental meetings and lectures.

One proud fact of our dental residency program is that approximately one half of former dental residents have stayed, and are now practicing in Vermont. The training dental residents receive from The University of Vermont and UVM Medical Center allows them to leave here confident and better prepared to treat their dental patients in private practice or to excel in a specialty training program.

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