Gastroenterology Fellowship


The fellowship training program is a 3-year program designed to provide the skills and knowledge necessary to produce physicians with a strong and compelling interest in scholarly pursuit which they will take with them in the pursuit of careers in either academic medicine or community practice.

At least 18 months of the 3 years are designated clinical rotations, which comprise an inpatient and consultative GI/Hepatology service, in addition to experience with outpatient/ambulatory GI/Hepatology medicine. Each fellow is assigned to a continuity clinic, supervised by one of the faculty, for which he/she is responsible to attend for the duration of their training.

The fellows will perform more than adequate numbers, and gain competence in, all GI endoscopic procedures as suggested by the ASGE, including esophageal motility testing. Furthermore, they will have significant exposure, and the opportunity to participate in, more advanced endoscopic procedures, including therapeutic ERCP, Endoscopic Ultrasound, and endoscopic laser modality (YAG and PDT).

In addition, over the three years, the fellows will have at least 12 months of designated research time, at which time they may pursue interests in either basic science or clinical studies.

There is one main teaching hospital through which the fellows will rotate, the Medical Center Campus of UVM Medical Center. The populations served by this hospital are quite varied, ranging from indigent and urban to suburban to rural, with a variety of ethnic backgrounds, and a referral range of hundreds of miles, all of which help to provide a heterogeneous mix of GI disorders.

UVM Medical Center is fortunate to have an NIH-funded Clinical Research Center that helps coordinate patient-oriented research studies. In addition, the Vermont Cancer Center is an NIH-funded entity, which serves to provide further education, experience, as well as research opportunities, in the evaluation and management of GI and Liver cancers.


University of Vermont Gastroenterology Fellowship, burlington, vt, uvm

Nicholas Ferrentino, MD
Program Director

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