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With over 18,000 patient visits and surgeries annually, Vermont's only academic subspecialty urology practice delivers integrated care for the most complex urologic conditions. The immediate access and constant interaction with the other urologists in surrounding communities ensures that truly patient-centric, multidisciplinary care be delivered to each patient. The division of Urology is among the most evolved and broadest integrated care delivery areas within the UVM Health Network. The Division of Urology at the University of Vermont Medical Center has been designed as and serves as a true proverbial ‘hub' serving the surrounding community ‘spokes' who provide so much for the important local care for patients suffering from urologic ailments.


The Division faculty are intimately involved in the education of learners of all stages at the UVM Larner College of Medicine. We deeply appreciate the generosity and commitment that is demonstrated every day by our patients, allowing for our efforts and aiding us in meeting our responsibility to successfully train the next generation of physicians. Further, we also recognize the importance of training practitioners in our own specialty, one that is felt to suffer undersupply both regionally and nationally. To that end, several years ago, the Division successfully re-established residency training in Urologic Surgery at UVMMC, has since successfully graduated several Urologic surgeons from the program and has established itself as a very highly respected program among applicants and its peers.


The Division conducts both clinical and the laboratory-based research with funding that includes peer-reviewed federal, institutional, industry as well as philanthropic sources. The devotion to discovery, remains a critical effort essential to deliver on the foundational necessity of symbiosis between quality patient care and academic medicine. Research within the Division highlights include:

  • post-procedure opioid survey
  • active bench science in pediatric and adult bladder function
  • ongoing database research in renal, prostate cancer and stone disease
  • basic science examining novel PSA biomarkers
  • considered among the best in BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) treatment participating in important national and international clinical trials
Headshot of Peter A. Holoch, MD, Urologist and Assistant Professor of Urology
Peter A. Holoch, MD
Program Director, Urology Residency Program
Associate Professor, Surgery

Urology Residency Program

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