PGY-1 Year

The first year of our training program is dedicated to foundational learning. It is our goal for our first year residents to have clinical and educational experiences across a broad swathe of pediatrics which includes newborn care to adolescent medicine, and from community pediatrics to hospital-based medicine. The emphasis is team-based care, strengthening medical knowledge, and building clinical experience.

PGY-2 Year

This is a year of significant growth for our trainees where they move into the realm of critical care and begin to take on leadership roles. They manage the inpatient team and assume supervision of junior learners. They begin to explore their career goals and create their individualized curriculum which starts in the second year and extends through the third year of training. The emphasis is on increasing autonomy and leadership, and career exploration

PGY-3 Year

This year is dedicated to professional development and career planning.  Our residents take on teaching and advisory roles during their third year of training.  They immerse themselves in their individualized curriculum which is self-generated to optimize preparation for the career of their choice.  They work closely with both their personal mentor and career advisor(s) in preparation and securing the fellowship or practice of their choice.

* Provides for individualized curriculum
*** Residents receive 5 weeks of vacation/personal days per year

Call Schedule

Several years ago, based on resident input, the program eliminated 24-hour call and moved to 12-hour shifts. With resident wellness also at the forefront of the program’s mission, on-service residents are scheduled for day shifts only for any weekend shifts they work.  Beginning in 2021, all night shifts (other than holiday coverage) occur during the “Nights” blocks for second and third year residents. For PGY-1s, weekend night shifts are worked by residents on elective blocks.  Every spring, the rising chief resident will e-mail all current and incoming residents to ask their preferences for schedule tracks, elective months, and holidays and then builds the tracks and call schedule for the whole year.  Residents are also able to trade shifts with one another, based on changes that may occur in their personal lives throughout the year. 

Sample Schedule

This sample schedule is reflective of an individualized curriculum for those with an interest in Nephrology: