Current Fellows

Sean Bullis, M.D. 

Sean is a Renaissance man who loves Jazz and is more competent in the kitchen than he lets on. His immediate contributions to the fellows’ office upon starting were mood lighting (because fluorescent lights are so gauche!) and a vinyl record player. He is an avid runner and enjoys stealing away for a quick jog midday when the service is slow. He is a native Vermonter and a dedicated father to his two young daughters.

Man holding his two toddler girls posing in front of a Christmas tree.


Katherine Peterson, D.O.

Kate grew up on the dreamy seacoast of Maine and went to college in Colorado before heading back to New England for her medical training. She came to Vermont for residency and though she occasionally longs for the smell of the sea or the fluffy snow of the Rockies, she has fallen for UVM and Burlington’s offerings of vibrant small city life and close proximity to 4-season adventure. Kate loves all forms of outdoor recreation on land and water and can be found hiking, skiing or paddle boarding during her time off. She appreciates good food (maintaining a particularly deep affection for the baked variety) and actively seeks out all the finest local culinary haunts. She lives nearby with her cat Luna. 

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