Exterior photo of the 1 South Prospect building.

1 South Prospect Street

1 South Prospect Street
Burlington, VT 05401

The Adolescent Medicine Division at the University of Vermont Children’s Hospital provides clinical consultation in sexual and reproductive healthcare, eating disorder care and transgender youth care to patients aged 10-18 years old. 

We provide patient- and family- centered care while also recognizing the emerging independence of adolescent patients and the importance of positive youth development. 

Adolescent Medicine Services

We offer three consultation clinics, each providing multidisciplinary and/or medical consult care. All clinics collaborate closely with families, primary care providers and community based care providers and organizations as indicated. Our care teams incorporate adolescent state and federal confidential care guidelines and laws.

Eating Disorder Consult Clinic (EDCC)

Consultation services and medical, nutritional and psychological support for young people with disordered eating.

Transgender Youth Program (TYP)

Medical care and resources for transgender youth and their families. Clinical focus on youth considering medical transition. 

Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Clinic (SRHC)

Medical consultation, evaluation and treatment of adolescent sexual and reproductive health issues.