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The UVM Cancer Center offers leading-edge cancer care, provided by highly skilled oncologists. We use the latest research and education to inform our care. View the list of common cancers we treat below:

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For New Cancer Patients
For New Patients

Guide for New Patients - Learn about how we work with you, your care team, what to expect, common concerns, and more.


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Find a Cancer Specialist
Find a Cancer Specialist
Cancer Support Services
Cancer Support Services

The University of Vermont Cancer Center offers a variety of support services for cancer patients and their families. From financial and insurance questions to emotional support and how to balance work and treatment, we're here to help you through your treatment and beyond.

Cancer Committee Annual Reports
Cancer Committee Annual Reports

The UVM Medical Center’s Medical Staff Cancer Committee ensures that services provided by the UVM Medical Center meet the accreditation standards put forth by the American College of Surgeons, Commission on Cancer (CoC). CoC accreditation provides value through improved patient outcomes across all domains of care: access and service, satisfaction and well-being, quality of care and cancer outcomes.

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When it comes to colorectal screenings, there’s no time like the present

In the United States, colorectal cancer – cancer of the colon or rectum – is the second most common cancer affecting both men and women. It is also the second leading cause of cancer deaths in both Vermont and New York, despite being largely preventable. Unlike many cancers, colorectal cancer can be caught early and

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