The University of Vermont Health Network is committed to advancing the work of not-for-profit community organizations that align with our vision: working together, we improve people’s lives. One way we support this work is by setting aside funds annually to sponsor organizations and events that help advance the health of our communities. 

Sponsorship Requests

Sponsorship requests are evaluated using standard scoring criteria, with an emphasis on how funds will address and advance health equity, our community health needs assessments, the social determinants of health, and local impact.

We receive many sponsorship requests every year and unfortunately, we cannot always meet every request, even if your organization meets all of our criteria. Our Sponsorship Committee will carefully weigh how requests address the priority needs of the community we serve. Please be advised: due to our limited resources, we are unable to sponsor sports teams. 

Your event may be sponsored by the UVM Health Network, the UVM Children’s Hospital or the UVM Medical Center. If we agree to sponsor your organization, details will be provided with your award notification.

Please apply at least two months in advance of your event to allow time for review and to coordinate advertising in programs, tabling and attendance at events, and other details with key players from within the UVM Health Network.

Requests will be reviewed monthly on a rolling basis by the Sponsorship Review Committee.

Getting Set Up for Your Application

We’ve recently transitioned to an online application process, through a platform called Foundant. With this platform our Sponsorship Review Committee will have more tools at their hands to make evaluations easier, and we hope it’s easier for community partners as well.

To set up your organization in the Foundant | Sponsorship Online Request Platform:

  • If you do not already have an account set up in the UVM Medical Center Foundant platform, please visit the site to set one up. Click the Create New Account button and follow the directions.
  • You can email stacianne.grove [at] (StaciAnne Grove) if you are stuck; she will gladly assist you. Foundant also has a video for assistance in setting up an account.

Contact Us

For sponsorship inquiries, please contact karen.vastine [at] (Karen Vastine).

For information and questions related to the application process, please contact stacianne.grove [at] (StaciAnne Grove).