Taking good care of yourself while you are healthy is the best way to help prevent serious illness and injury later in your life. That includes everything from exercising and eating right, to getting adequate amounts of sleep, to maintaining mental and emotional wellness. At the University of Vermont Medical Center, we provide a wide array of prevention and wellness programs for people of all ages.

Wellness Health

Health Library

Use our health library to make better health decisions. Visit our learning center or use our interactive tools or search health-related topics for the latest in medical knowledge.

Wellness Vermont

Health Resource Center

Through The Frymoyer Community Health Resource Center we offer free, personalized assistance to help you find information about medical conditions, healthier lifestyle habits, and to help you make informed decisions relating to your health care.

Classes and Events

The University of Vermont Medical Center offers educational programs, healthy life-style workshops and classes, as well as various other health-related events.

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Symptom Checker

Symptom Checker

Make Better Health Decisions

Use our Symptom Checker to check your symptoms, understand what your medical symptoms could mean and learn about the next possible steps. Be sure to follow up with your doctor.

Safety Programs

Injury Prevention

The UVM Medical Center offers a variety of injury prevention programs and resources to help you and your family live a healthier lifestyle. From fall prevention to helmet safety, our goal is to help you avoid injuries and feel good any time of the year.

Support Groups

Support Groups

From diagnosed patients to survivors and family members, The UVM Medical Center offers support groups both locally and nationally for anyone in need of support. Search our extensive database or visit the links below to find the group that is right for you.