Neuromuscular Fellowship Faculty

Michael Hehir, MD
Program Director


Here at UVM, we offer fellows broad experience in all aspects of neuromuscular medicine. As a smaller program, we pride ourselves on being able to individualize each fellow's educational experience. We love to teach and take great pride in helping our fellows develop into neuromuscular experts.

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John DeWitt, MD, PhD 


The neuromuscular program at UVMMC is a great environment to learn nerve and muscle pathology with an engaged, friendly, and knowledgeable group of clinicians.  I always look forward to working with my neuromuscular colleagues, whether it is at our monthly neuromuscular pathology conferences, or simply connecting to work through a difficult diagnosis on a patient.

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Noah Kolb, MD


I would describe the neuromuscular fellowship here as fun, collaborative and rigorous. The fellowship is centered around 5 neuromuscular attendings and a neuropathologist with a wide breadth of training and varied research interests. As a result the program offers training in everything from neuromuscular disease, EMG including single fiber, ultrasound, and botox to muscle and nerve pathology. The experience spans the outpatient clinics, electrophysiology lab, inpatient consults and multidisciplinary disease specific clinics.  Our group prioritizes learning in a collegial environment, is willing to adapt the fellowship to specific interests and recognizes importance of work life balance. We run this fellowship because we enjoy working with fellows are passionate about neuromuscular medicine.  

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Rup Tandan, MD


The Neuromuscular Medicine Fellowship provides broad-based training in the clinical, electrophysiological, histological and research aspects of neuromuscular diseases. The fellowship emphasizes clinical experience in the diagnosis, investigation and treatment of neuromuscular diseases through participation of trainees in multidisciplinary general neuromuscular disease and ALS clinics which are part of national centers of excellence, and in specialty clinics in myasthenia gravis and peripheral neuropathy.

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Waqar Waheed, MD


The University of Vermont Neuromuscular Medicine Fellowship program provides advanced training in clinical management for both adult and pediatric patients, focusing on disorders of the peripheral nerves, muscles, neuromuscular junction and motor neurons. Fellows are trained on a variety of investigative testing, including EMG/NCS, SFEMG, nerve/muscle US, autonomic testing, muscle/nerve biopsy interpretation, and skin biopsy performance and interpretation. Fellows have the opportunity to participate in multidisciplinary clinics, as well as take part in clinical and translational research.

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Peter Bingham, MD







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Tim Fries, MD


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