Hearing Screenings at the UVM Medical Center

Since 2003, all Vermont birthing hospitals have been providing hearing screenings for newborns admitted to their facility. Vermont Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (VTEHDI) is a partnership between The University of Vermont Medical Center and the Department of Health's Division of Children with Special Health Care Needs. VTEHDI works with state and national agencies and organizations to achieve the National EHDI goals:

  • All newborns will be screened for hearing loss by one month of age.
  • All infants who do not pass the screening will have a diagnostic evaluation by three months of age.
  • All infants identified with hearing loss will be enrolled in early intervention services by six months of age.

VTEHDI works with hospitals and community providers, such as Early Head Start, homebirth midwives, primary care professionals, and audiologists to ensure newborn and early periodic hearing screenings. The program provides support, training, and care management to families and their babies, and to community providers. These partnerships ensure timely referrals for diagnostic testing and early intervention services.

Screening results are sent to VTEHDI by hospitals and community providers. These providers also send high-risk information on each baby related to late onset hearing loss. VTEHDI provides families and providers follow-up recommendations for ongoing hearing health care based on identified risk factors. Statewide data is reported annually to the Center for Disease Control.

For more information or questions about VTEHDI:

1-800-537-0076 (toll free in Vermont) or 802-651-1872
vtedhiatstate [dot] vt [dot] us