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If you or a loved one experience unexplained symptoms such nausea, passing only small amounts of urine, fatigue or, in children, poor growth, make an appointment with your doctor. The problem may be kidney-related. Our doctors work to diagnose you quickly and accurately, so we can begin any necessary treatment.

Diagnosing Kidney Disorders

Your doctor will begin the diagnosis by asking you about your symptoms and your medical and family history. We will also perform a thorough physical examination.

Other diagnostic procedures include:

  • Laboratory tests - Your doctor will probably order a:
    • Urinalysis, a urine test. This test determines whether there is blood or protein if your urine.
    • Blood creatinine test. This test measures the amount of creatinine (a waste product) in your blood. We use this test to help determine your glomerular filtration rate (GFR), a measure of how well your kidneys are filtering your blood.
  • Imaging tests - We use the most advanced imaging technology available. These procedures provide us with a detailed picture of your kidneys. We use these tests to determine if there is something blocking your urine flow or if the kidneys have an unusual shape due to the disease:
  • Biopsy - We may need to perform a more invasive procedure called a biopsy. During a biopsy, your surgeon removes a small sample of kidney tissue. We analyze the tissue under a microscope to determine a diagnosis. A biopsy can offer a definitive diagnosis of cancer or other diseases.

Kidney Disorders: Treatment

We can often treat blockages of the ureter without surgery. Treatment for kidney cancer usually involves surgery, since the cancer does not respond to radiation and chemotherapy. Learn more about kidney disorders treatment.

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