Nursing Care is Often Transformative

UVMMC NICU nurse holding infant

Today’s health care environment is complex and fast-moving. Technology and science have brought remarkable medical advancements, but nothing can replace the human connection. Patients still need to feel seen and heard. To be involved in decision-making. To understand what’s happening and what’s to come. To know they are not alone.

Whether in a hospital or an outpatient setting, nurses spend more time at the patient’s side than any other clinician. Shift to shift, nurses build the most comprehensive understanding of a patient’s journey and are in a position to foster a level of connection that—for many patients—is transformative.

Creating Pathways Through Philanthropy

UVMMC Nurse sitting on gurney

Charitable giving provides clear pathways so that grateful patients and families, community members, clinicians and staff can recognize nurses’ professional contribution to health care and their equally valuable contribution to “human” care. These gifts provide immediate, mutual benefit and help push nursing practice forward, which ultimately translates to better patient experiences and better health outcomes.

Pathways for Giving: Where Your Gift Will Have the Greatest Impact


  • Advanced certification, skills training, degree programs, professional development


  • Advance nursing science to improve nursing practices, patient safety and care


  • Award programs that validate exceptional care and leadership


  • Resilience, renewal and wellness initiatives uniquely tailored to nurses’ needs

To explore gift opportunities that are meaningful to you and impactful to our nurses and patients, email us at developmentatuvmhealth [dot] org (development[at]uvmhealth[dot]org) or call (802) 656-2887.