Most seminars take place in a block either on Tuesday mornings (first years) or Thursday mornings (second years). Fellows are excused on their clinical responsibilities during those times. Course leaders often bring in other presenters to enhance the course. The format of these didactics includes formal lectures, live or recorded patient observation, discussions, case presentations, and on-site learning at various locations.

Our programs recognized leadership on the national level has led to some shared seminars with other child fellowships across the country. The Advanced Developmental Neuroscience is taught not only to our own fellows but typically to several other child & adolescent psychiatry fellowships across the country using eHealth technology. Beginning in 2017, the Positive Psychiatry and Wellness seminar is co-taught and simultaneously broadcast to fellows at New York University and Georgetown University.

First Year Seminars and Didactics

Child Development and Observation (Dr. Rosenfeld)

Assessment and Interviewing (Dr. Dickerson)

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (Dr. McCuin and Coleman)

Emergency Child Psychiatry (Dr. Hall)

Research Methods 1 (Dr. Achenbach and Dr. Althoff)

Developmental Psychopathology (Dr. Rettew)

Pediatric Psychopharmacology (Dr. Strange)

Psychotherapy (Dr. Strange)

Consult/Liaison Child Psychiatry (Dr. McGowan)

History and Theory (Dr. Pawlowski) *

Developmental Disorders (Dr. Dickerson)

Social and Community Child Psychiatry (Dr. Chung)

Substance Abuse (Dr. Jackson) *

Medical Ethics in Child Psychiatry (Dr. Hoffnung)

Multicultural Aspects of Child Psychiatry (Dr. Achenbach) *

Journal Club (Dr. Rosenfeld)

Case Conference Series (Dr. Rosenfeld)

School Psychiatry (Dr. LaRiviere)

Grand Rounds

Transition to Practice (Dr. Strange)

Positive Child Psychiatry and Wellness (Dr. Rettew)

Second Year Seminars and Didactics

Advanced Developmental Neuroscience (Dr. Strange)

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (Dr. McCuin and Coleman)

Advocacy and Media Relations (Dr. Chung) *

Research Methods 2 (Dr. Achenbach and Dr. Althoff)

Journal Club (Dr. Rosenfeld)

Case Conference Series (Dr. Rosenfeld)

Trauma and Abuse (Dr. Strange)

Psychological Testing (Dr. LaRiviere)

Grand Rounds

* Seminars given to combined first and second year class on alternating years.