What Is Remote Patient Monitoring?

Remote patient monitoring is an easy way to manage your health from home, by allowing providers to monitor your health data outside of a traditional health care setting. Your health data is collected through a touchscreen tablet installed in your home and transmitted wirelessly to your provider, who can then review your vital signs and symptoms on a daily basis and contact you, if necessary, to discuss any changes.

Remote patient monitoring is currently only available for Home Health & Hospice patients.

How Can Remote Patient Monitoring Help Me?

Remote patient monitoring improves disease management by allowing your provider to access up-to-date health information on a daily basis and respond more quickly to changes. Some of the benefits of remote patient monitoring include:

  • Convenience: You can take your vital signs and track your symptoms with the easy-to-use equipment, without having to leave home.
  • Daily Monitoring: You can have peace of mind knowing a nurse is monitoring your health seven days a week.
  • Quick Response Time: If changes occur to your health, a nurse will call you the same day to discuss your condition and take steps to avoid hospitalization.
  • Better Disease Management: You will learn how to better manage your illness and live independently through a daily health monitoring routine.
  • Security: We use HIPAA-compliant technology to protect your privacy and the security of your health information.

Who is Eligible for Remote Patient Monitoring?

Remote patient monitoring is designed for high-risk patients at the UVM Health Network Home Health & Hospice who require skilled home health care. If you are eligible for remote patient monitoring, you will be referred by intake and referral.

Here’s How It Works

1. Get Set Up

Once you’ve been referred for remote patient monitoring, a technician will contact you to schedule a time to install your equipment, and will walk you through how to use it.

2. Test Your Vital Signs

An alarm will let you know when to take your vitals every day.

3. Information Is Transmitted to Provider

Each time you take your vital signs, that information will be transmitted wirelessly to a nurse, who will review the information and take action as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact & Technical Support

If you need more information on remote patient monitoring or need technical support, please contact us at 802-860-4400.