What Are Doctor-to-Doctor Visits?

Doctor-to-doctor visits, often referred to as eConsults, allow providers to communicate with one another to improve patient care and the patient experience. They’re most commonly used to connect your primary care provider to our network of specialists, allowing your doctor to make better decisions about your care. This means that your care team is not just limited to your local hospital - you will receive timely access to specialists from across the UVM Health Network.

How Do Doctor-to-Doctor Visits Help Me?

  • Efficiency: Doctor-to-doctor visits allow providers to get input from specialists more quickly.
  • Save Patients Time and Money: Oftentimes, eConsults will save the patient from having to make a second appointment with another provider.
  • Expanded Health Care Access: eConsults expand access to specialized health care, particularly for those in rural areas who may have to travel far to meet with a specialist.
  • Improved Coordination of Care: Doctor-to-doctor visits increase collaboration between providers and creates a better patient experience.