Get your meds. Rain, sleet, or snow.

Skip the drive. With the UVM Health Network Mail Order Pharmacy, you’ll never miss a dose with prescription refills delivered to your home at no extra charge. 
Call (802) 847-3784 to sign up.

Managing Your Prescriptions Just Got Easier

It's now more convenient than ever for you and your provider to manage your prescriptions – and your health. The UVM Health Network’s pharmacy team is here to support you with personal service, prescription tracking, and renewal reminders.

  • Prescription Transfers – We’ll take care of the details, working with your provider and previous pharmacy to get your prescriptions transferred to the Mail Order Pharmacy. 
  • Medication Reviews – We review your medications list at every renewal to ensure they are appropriate and interact safely with each other.
  • Renewals Made Easy - We'll keep track of your scheduled medications. When you're running low, we'll automatically call you to approve your next shipment, so you never have to be without your meds. 
  • Local Mailing – Prescriptions are filled and shipped by our pharmacists in Burlington, VT.
  • Synchronize Multiple Prescriptions - Get your prescriptions renewing on the same schedule, making it easier to manage your medications.  
  • Pharmacy Support – Whether it’s help with a prescription renewal or a medication question, our pharmacists are just a quick phone call away.

Sign Up Made Easier

  • We’re available Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm. Call our mail order pharmacy today at (802) 847-3784 to start having your refills delivered to your home.
  • All you need is your name, date of birth, address, phone number, a credit card, list of allergies, and prescription insurance information.

Need Help Paying for Your Prescriptions?

The UVM Health Network’s Health Assistance Program (HAP) helps eligible low- and middle-income families get prescription medications at no cost

We can also help with enrollment in state and federal programs, including obtaining insurance through the Vermont Health Connect exchange. 

Learn more at