Taking good care of your patients also means taking care of yourself. We will help you become aware of the unique opportunities, issues, and dilemmas facing today's physician and teach you effective methods for resolving personal and professional concerns.

Resident support begins the day you join Family Medicine. During the first-year orientation, faculty work with new residents on risk assessment, stress reduction and fears, and expectations concerning the residency. A monthly Resident Support Luncheon and bi-monthly Balint groups, open to all residents, help develop effective communication and interpersonal skills. These provide a place for residents to discuss the stresses, fears, and achievements you may experience as resident physicians. You will also be matched with a faculty advisor who will meet with you to provide support throughout your training.

Resident Events



Twice yearly, residents plan and attend an all-day retreat designed to enhance learning through exposure to various aspects of medicine and health not easily taught in the classroom, and to encourage team building.

Examples of enhanced learning in recent retreats include:

  • occupational health through tours of local restaurants and dairy farms
  • integrative medicine through demonstrations by acupuncturists, chiropractors and naturopathic practitioners
  • exploring personal goals and values in medicine through writing personal mission statements

Team-building activities have included:

  • ropes courses
  • obstacle courses
  • downhill and cross-country skiing
  • snowshoeing

Resident Graduation

Each year in June, the department hosts a graduation celebration for the graduating residents and their families, along with faculty and staff. Festive highlights include awards, presentation of graduates by their advisors and presentation of diplomas.

Welcome Picnic

In June, the residency program hosts a barbeque picnic to welcome the new interns, any new faculty and their families. All faculty and staff are invited to join this fun-filled family evening!

A Word about COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how residents learn and practice medicine. Our program has taken steps for ensuring residency wellbeing during these difficult times. We adapted by temporally switching didactics to a virtual setting using creative and engaging teaching methods, ensuring appropriate resident back-up coverage, and providing additional supports for resident well-being and mental health. Our medical facilities have clear protocols regarding use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and had an ample supply of PPE throughout the pandemic. There is a COVID-19 triage line available to all staff members. Our resident clinic at Milton, VT, provides COVID-19 testing and vaccinations to patients. We are proud that Vermont has been a leader in COVID-19 vaccination rates, allowing us to enjoy the benefits of relaxed restrictions in the state while still maintaining personal safety.

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