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The Family Medicine Residency Program at the UVM Medical Center and University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine emphasizes the cornerstones of Family Medicine:

  • providing top-quality comprehensive health care for patients of all ages
  • managing patients in any setting
  • promoting health maintenance for individuals, families and communities

The program is designed to develop the personal and professional skills you need as a family physician. Your clinical training is complemented by academic and research opportunities to give you the confidence and expertise you'll need for your continuing growth within family medicine.

Program Goals

  • The goal of the University of Vermont Family Medicine Residency is to train competent, compassionate, full-spectrum Family Medicine Physicians who can practice in diverse practice settings. UVM Family Medicine has the “best of both worlds,” including inpatient training at our University-Based Academic Health Center and outpatient training at our resident clinic in rural Milton, Vermont. This bridge of Academics and Community Family Medicine lends itself to graduates who are well-qualified to practice comprehensive Family Medicine, including inpatient and outpatient care of children and adults, acute and chronic care, nursing home and palliative care, and office-based procedures. UVM Family Medicine also provides additional training in addiction medicine and Medication-Assisted Treatment, Family Planning and termination, and Family Medicine Obstetrics, which makes it unique among Family Medicine Programs nationally. 
  • We pride ourselves in developing Family Physicians who are prepared for the future, as well as attuned to population health and quality of care. Residents practice in the highest-level (level 3) Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH), with emphasis placed on the core value of patient care. The resident clinic has embedded behavioral health, social services (social work, nutrition, and case management), and on-site X-Ray and procedure rooms. Residents are well-rounded and passionate about full-spectrum Family Medicine. Finally, developing longitudinal relationships is a core component of our program. Humanism and connection are key elements of our relationships with patients and each other- the “heart” of UVM Family Medicine. 

The University of Vermont College of Medicine and UVM Medical Center established the family medicine residency program in 1972. The Program fulfills all requirements of the American Board of Family Medicine and has been fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education since 1975. The Family Medicine Residency Program is at full capacity with 18 residents.

Our family medicine residency program works to provide an environment that is rich in resources, role models, encouragement, and guidance and has a distinguished record of graduating excellent family doctors. Our residents have readily passed their Board examinations and quickly establish themselves as successful practitioners. Approximately half of our graduates have chosen to practice in Vermont; the rest are located throughout the United States and Canada. Our program combines the resources of a primary care-friendly university-affiliated hospital, the University of Vermont Medical Center, and a thriving family health center in Milton, VT. During the program's first year, you will begin to develop your own office practice. This component of the family medicine residency includes managing patients in prepaid health plans, as well as privately insured, Medicare, and Medicaid patients. Our family physician faculty are enthusiastic teachers.

Our curriculum emphasizes the core attributes of Family Medicine’s comprehensive care throughout the lifecycle in the context of relationships and culture, and provides enough flexibility to receive additional training in areas of interest.

As you progress through the program, the care of ambulatory patients becomes more and more important. As a family medicine resident, you will also benefit from excellent training on inpatient services in all major specialties, and on inpatient family medicine rotations. Our relationships with other University departments are excellent, and family medicine residents are valued by the residents and attending physicians of other services.

Our residents are a stellar group of individuals who consistently strive to provide the best possible care for their patients, while supporting each other in having full and productive lives outside of their careers.

Our program’s graduates quickly establish themselves as successful practitioners from academic to solo practice, in any location from rural to urban.

Where Big Meets Small

You will receive a well-rounded experience as a physician in both a bustling academic medical center environment, and a quieter rural clinic setting. You’ll learn to thrive in each of these environments and to become proficient in the personal and professional skills critical to being a family physician. 

Milton Family Medicine is the primary home of the resident and faculty practices, and offers valuable experience in comprehensive, family-centered, rural care. Milton is a town of 10,350 people located 14 miles northeast of Burlington. This unique location serves over 28,000 patients annually and offers the full spectrum of family medicine care in a setting conducive to community involvement. Click here to learn more about our family medicine center. 

Our family medicine faculty and residents manage an active inpatient family medicine service caring for newborns, pediatric, maternity and adult medicine patients throughout our 562-bed tertiary care center. You’ll get valuable exposure to some of the most cutting-edge technology and be involved in cases that you’ll only find at a university hospital. 

Teamwork, Community, and Family

Teamwork is the basis for any successful effort, and is one of the foundations of family medicine practice. Our residents work collaboratively on community medicine and practice improvement projects, have input in curriculum development, and support each other. Not only will you work as a team and become a competent clinician, but you’ll acquire the skills to be a respected health care team leader and citizen. These are all invaluable lessons you will learn as a family physician in the special environment that the UVM Medical Center has to offer.

Life in Vermont

While UVM Medical Center provides the ideal environment for your professional and academic pursuits, Vermont offers limitless possibilities for your recreational pursuits. Burlington is equal parts small city and big town, and is consistently ranked among the most livable cities in the country. It’s a thriving place where cultural and recreational opportunities abound, where you can be a part of a close-knit community, and where young families can truly feel at home. From the slopes of the Green Mountains to the east to stunning shores of Lake Champlain to the west, there’s no shortage of ways to get outside and enjoy the best of Vermont. In short, it’s truly a unique and inspiring place to live, work, learn and grow. Learn more

Laura McCray, M.D., M.S.C.E., Residency Program Director

Laura McCray, M.D., M.S.C.E.

Residency Program Director