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UnitedHealthcare Agrees to Contract, Ensuring Coverage for Patients Receiving Care Through UVM Health Network

Agreement Avoids Expected Termination, Maintains Access to Care

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Key Facts

  • UVM Health Network facilities and physicians were due to become out of network with UnitedHealthcare on March 1, 2024, after United would not accept terms that would cover the UVM Health Network’s cost of providing care. 
  • Ahead of the anticipated termination date, United returned to the negotiating table with our Contracting team, for the first time since June 2023, to try to keep our health system in network. 
  • Through these latest discussions, we were able to secure a new contract through March 2026.
  • As part of the new contract, United has agreed to reimbursement rates that cover the cost of the care our non-profit health system provides and reduces some administrative burden on our providers. 
  • Patients covered by UnitedHealthcare commercial insurance will continue to receive in-network care across the UVM Health Network throughout the length of the contract. 
  • We understand how stressful the planned termination was for the many patients affected in our region, and we are pleased that we were able to reach an agreement. 
  • As a reminder, the UVM Health Network is a safety net provider and will always provide emergency care to anyone who walks through the door, regardless of what insurance they have or whether they have insurance coverage. 


Q: I have United commercial insurance, what does this mean for me?
A: If you are covered by a United commercial insurance plan, you can continue to be seen in-network for care at the UVM Health Network without any interruption. You do not need to take any further action. 

Q: Do I have to worry about this again next year?
A: No, we have secured a renewal contract with United that will keep the UVM Health Network in-network for at least through March 2026. 

Q: Why did it take so long to renew the contract?
A: Whenever we are in the renewal process with an insurance company, it’s our goal to do so with no impact on our patients. Unfortunately, both the UVM Health Network and United were unable to come to an agreement early in negotiations and it looked like we would not come to an agreement. Prior to the termination date of the extension period, we came together once more, and we were fortunate to reach an agreement. We apologize for any uncertainty or confusion this process may have meant for our patients.

Q: You told me you were not accepting United anymore, so I changed plans. What am I supposed to do?
A: We apologize that you had to change providers based on the announcement of the contract termination with UnitedHealthcare. We understand how disruptive this likely was for you.

Q: I switched providers because I was told UVM Health Network was not going to be in-network but now I want to come back.
A: We apologize that you had to switch providers. Your first step is to call your UVM Health Network provider’s office. Please explain to them that you want to switch back and they will work with you on scheduling. If you have already been seen by your new provider, they will work with you to get your records sent to us. 

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This is a follow up to an announcement of a contract termination made in October 2023: https://www.uvmhealth.org/news/uvmhn/unitedhealthcare-commercial-contract-non-renewal