About Pathology Informatics at The University of Vermont Medical Center  

The department of Pathology at The University Medical Center is supported and enhanced by our informatics. Since pathology and laboratory medicine is the medical discipline which generates, by far, the most objective patient data, informatics plays a key role in attaining our goals.

To meet the department's goals, our laboratory systems must evolve from those which primarily support the operational aspects of our laboratory to one that can support our strategic initiatives.

To do this, we must embrace two new core technologies. First we must capture and store all clinical, anatomical and administrative information in a database management system which will give us the ability to retrieve that data at any time. Secondly, we must establish a network computing architecture which enables the flow of this information to and from our customers, students and staff.

  • Recognize the importance of informatics within the department by establishing a Division of Informatics with representation on the laboratory leadership team.
  • Support the operational aspects of our clinical laboratory and anatomical pathology service by continuing to improve the reliability and capabilities of our Laboratory Information Systems (LIS).
  • Support our patient care and research efforts by developing a database management system which is capable of the long-term storage and retrieval of clinical and anatomical pathology data, images, text, voice and animations.
  • Automate the flow of information to and from our customers by utilizing network technologies to extend the reach of our information services.
  • Improve our customer service by developing a system which includes a database of customer information such as physicians, monthly volumes, service visits, courier times and other data.
  • Expand and improve our marketing program by enhancing our pathology worldwide web site.
  • Create a pathology informatics fellowship to support our educational, patient care and customer service programs.
  • Pursue the development of functional telepathology to support regional patient care services.
  • Actively support and participate in the development of The UVM Medical Center information technology plan, thereby adding value to the regional information network.
  • Support our educational efforts in pathology by continuing to develop our computer-assisted teaching system.