The University of Vermont's McClure Musculoskeletal Research Center is committed to understanding musculoskeletal injuries and disorders.

The knee research program seeks to understand the risk factors that pre-dispose patients to knee trauma. The program also looks at how knee ligament injury can lead to degenerative disease. Other studies seek to improve ways of diagnosing, reconstructing and rehabilitating knee ligament injuries.

Risk Factors for ACL Injury

UVM is conducting a five-year study on first-time anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury risk factors. The research team is working with athletic directors, trainers, parents and student athletes in Vermont to examine the elements that result in injury. The ultimate goal is to help develop methods of prevention.

Early Predictors of Osteoarthritis

This study seeks to find molecular markers that may predispose people to developing osteoarthritis. Researchers are analyzing samples of synovial fluid (the fluid found in the joints), serum and urine. They are looking for a biological indicator that may signal early changes in the cartilage make-up.

Snow Sports Injury Research

For many years, UVM and The University of Vermont Medical Center have studied injuries related to downhill skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports directly at the ski slope.

This research team is involved in many projects, including:

  • Studying injury trends
  • Studying winter sports equipment's effect on injuries and prevention
  • Conducting in-depth studies of specific common injuries
  • Promoting helmet use and head injury prevention
  • Monitoring the rate of knee ACL injuries

The research has led to:

  • Reduced incidence of ACL injuries in ski patrollers and instructors at 20 U.S. resorts.
  • Knowledge of the importance of proper ski equipment in reducing lower leg and ankle injuries.
  • Development of national and international standards for alpine skiing equipment design.

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Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies involving patients who volunteer to participate in the investigation of new therapies and medications. Clinical trials can offer patients immediate access to treatments not available anywhere else.

At Vermont's academic medical center, there are more than 1,000 currently active clinical trials across many fields of medicine. Please contact us or visit the Office of Clinical Trials Research if you would like to find out more about open trials.

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