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Are You a Candidate?

For more information on these migraine research study or to find out if you're a candidate, call us at:


Migraine Research Studies

Clinical trials are essential to helping us understand and find more effective treatments for health conditions, and allow participants to access treatments not available anywhere else.

The University of Vermont Medical Center is currently running two separate clinical trials to study migraines and their effects on the body. We are currently looking for paid volunteers for both studies.

If you experience migraine and meet the criteria listed below, you may be eligible to participate.

To learn more about research at the UVM Medical Center, please visit our clinical trials page.

Migraine and the Microbiome

Are the organisms in your gut associated with migraines? As part of a research study looking at associations between migraine and the intestinal microbiome, clinicians in the UVM Medical Center Neurology Department are looking for volunteers with migraine who:

  • Have at least one attack per month
  • Experience headache 14 days per month or less
  • Have not used systemic antibiotics or steroids in the last month

If selected to participate in the study, volunteers will be asked to:

  • Collect each stool sample during (and 48 hours after) a migraine attack
  • Record all food and beverages consumed
  • Return all study data in a pre-addressed, pre-paid box

Study subjects will be compensated $100 for completing the study.

More Information

For more information, please call the study coordinator, Susanna Pratt, at 802-656-9912, or email at susanna [dot] prattatmed [dot] uvm [dot] edu.

One-Sided Migraine Study

As part of a research study to examine what is happening in the brain during a one-sided migraine attack, clinicians in the UVM Medical Center Neurology service are looking for volunteers with migraine who:

  • Are 18-65 years old
  • Have one to eight migraine attacks per month
  • Have attacks affecting just ONE SIDE of the head at a time

Interested subjects will be asked to complete a Zoom tele-video visit to understand the details of the study. 

Once accepted, you would be asked to: 

  • Complete an MRI during a one-sided migraine attack 
  • Complete a second MRI between attacks (when pain free) and
  • Complete a cognitive and mood/anxiety assessment via Zoom tele-video

Each MRI would take ~70-90 minutes (including set up time); the Zoom tele-video would take ~1 hour and is completed from home.

Subjects will be compensated for their time and travel.

The key risk to participating in this study is prolonging a migraine attack, as you would need to withhold all pain relievers for your migraine scan. 

More Information

For more information, please call the principal investigator, Adam Sprouse Blum, MD, at 802-847-8050, or email at Adam [dot] Sprouse-Blumatuvmhealth [dot] org.