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Update 1/6/21

This study is fully enrolled and is no longer accepting applications. Thank you for your interest!

Help Us Find a Way to Prevent COVID-19

The University of Vermont Medical Center is participating in the AZD1222 COVID-19 vaccine study.

About This Study

What Is the AZD1222 COVID-19 Vaccine Study?

The AZD1222 COVID-19 Vaccine Study is researching a vaccine to prevent COVID-19. This study will be looking at how well a new vaccine works to prevent COVID-19 illness, and how well the vaccine is tolerated. 

The study is now enrolling volunteers who are at risk of COVID-19 illness. Participants will be randomly assigned to receive two injections of either the vaccine or a placebo (that contains no vaccine), four weeks apart.

Approximately 30,000 volunteers across the United States are expected to take part in this study, and approximately four hundred will be enrolled at the UVM Medical Center.

What to Expect

You will be enrolled in the AZD1222 COVID-19 Vaccine Study for about two years. During this time, several tests and assessments will be performed to monitor your health. In brief, these will include:

  • Review of your medical history and health, as well as your possible risk of exposure to COVID-19, to be sure you are eligible for the study
  • Review of medications you are taking (and any changes during the study)
  • Physical examinations
  • Measurements of vital signs (including blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, oxygen saturation, temperature, etc.)
  • Blood tests
  • A COVID-19 test at the start of the study, and if you are ill during the study period
  • Two injections of vaccine or placebo, one month apart
  • Follow-up questions electronically or by phone

The AZD1222 COVID-19 Vaccine Study has two parts: screening / study treatment (vaccine or placebo) and follow-up.

Study Periods

1. Screening and Study Treatment

We encourage volunteers to complete screening and study treatment at the same visit. The screening component includes your full review of the study, risks and benefits, and requirements. You will spend one-on-one time with study staff to review all parts of the study before deciding whether or not to participate. You will read and sign the informed consent document, which outlines all parts of the study and what is known so far about this vaccine. If you agree to sign the informed consent document, the study team will continue with a review of your medical history, ask about medications taken and conduct a physical exam, draw blood, and collect a test for COVID. 

If the study team finds that you qualify to participate and you are interested in proceeding, you will receive study treatment of either the vaccine or placebo (which looks like the vaccine but does not contain any actual vaccine). You have a two out of three chance of receiving the vaccine.  A computer program will be used to determine if you get the vaccine or the placebo. The study team will contact you seven days later to check in. You will be able to reach the study staff 24/7, if needed.

One month later, you will return for your second study treatment; the same practices will be done.

Since the study has a short time to enroll volunteers, we encourage (and will help) volunteers review materials in advance, so that the screening and first study treatment can be done on the same day. If necessary, they can be done in two visits (within 14 days of one another).

2. Followup 

The followup period will last about two years.

After you have received the two doses of the study treatment (either the vaccine or the placebo), you will have six additional scheduled visits to the study center. These visits will occur at approximately 2, 3, 6, 12 and 24 months after you first received study treatment. You will also receive regular phone calls, emails and / or text messages asking if you have any symptoms of COVID-19. If you develop symptoms of COVID-19, you may be asked to come to the study clinic for additional visits.

Who Can Take Part?

Full review of your eligibility will occur during the screening period.

You may be eligible to take part in the study if you:

  • Are 18 years of age or older 
  • Are in stable health 
  • Have an increased risk of getting COVID-19 illness
  • Do not have a previously confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19

You may need to meet other study criteria to take part in the study. Some medical conditions are excluded.

How to Apply

This study is no longer accepting applications.

Frequently Asked Questions