Department of Radiology Equipment

UVM Medical Center is a luminary and beta site for a number of medical device manufacturers: 

  • Philips Medical Systems, MRI and CT 
  • McKesson, PACS 
  • General Electric, Ultrasound 
  • Vital Images, Vitrea 3D Workstations 
  • Invivo, MRI Coils 
  • MRI Devices, MRI Coils 
  • Hologic Digital Mammography 
  • Median, Tumor tracking and evaluation software

Radiology residents at UVM Medical Center train with some of the most sophisticated equipment in the world. 

  • Six MRI Units 
    • Philips 3T Research
    • Philips 3T Clinical
    • 3 Philips 1.5 Clinical
    • GE 1.5 Clinical
  • Six CT Scanners
    • Philips iCT 256 slice
    • Philips iCT 128 slice
    • Philips Ingenuity 128 slice
    • 2 Philips Brilliance 64 slice
    • Philips Ingenuity 64 slice
  • Nine General Electric Logiq E10 ultrasound units
  • Nuclear radiology includes a newly installed digital PET/CT unit   
    • Philips 128 Slice Vereos Digital PET-CT
    • Philips Bright View SPECT-CT 
    • Philips 16 Slice Precedence SPECT-CT 
    • General Electric Discovery SPECT-CT
    • Philips dual head Forte SPECT Unit
    • Philips dual head XLI SPECT unit
    • Digirad Ergo Mobile Gamma Camera 
  • Four Digital Fluoroscope Units include one remote fluoroscopy unit 
  • Four Angiography Suites + dedicated interventional CT 
    • 3 Philips Single Plane Angio Room 
    • Philips Bi-Plane Angio Room 
    • Phillips Brilliance 64 
Mammography/Breast Imaging Equipment
  • 6 Hologic Dimension Digital Mammography Tomosynthesis units with CAD and dedicated workstations 
  • Three (3) General Electric Logiq E10 ultrasound units dedicated for breast imaging 
  • Affirm Prone Streotactic Biopsy Unit 
  • Breast MRI: Philips 3T and 3T dedicated research magnet 
  • Seven channel breast coil, DynaCAD for breast MRI, MRI biopsy capability 


Radiology sites:
Larner College of Medicine at UVM
UVM Medical Center

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