Training Sites

University of Vermont Medical Center 

UVM Medical Center

The University of Vermont Medical Center is a regional referral center for approximately 1 million people in Vermont and Northeastern New York, and a community hospital for 160,000 residents of Chittenden and Grand Isle counties in Vermont.

Currently, with 620 beds, the UVM Medical Center includes a Level 1 Trauma Center, the UVM Children's Hospital, the UVM Cancer Center, and the only Neonatal ICU in Vermont.

As the only academic medical center in Vermont, the UVM Medical Center provides a training environment for approximately 330 medical residents across 17 different training programs, as well as 25 fellowship programs.

With about 65,000 visits per year, the ED at the UVM Medical Center sees the full spectrum of clinical presentations. On each shift, residents will see many patients from the local community, as well as many complex and critically ill patients transferred in from outside hospitals for advanced sub-specialty care.

Most Pharmacist Clinicians at the UVM Medical Center are board certified in their respective specialties, and there is a strong academic focus and a dedication to teaching. 

UVM Health Network - Central Vermont Medical Center


The UVM Health Network - Central Vermont Medical Center (CVMC) is a rural hospital in Berlin, VT with 122 beds, serving a population of 66,000. The CVMC ED has 25 beds, sees about 25,000 patient visits per year, and is currently staffed by predominantly board-certified emergency physicians and experienced physician assistants.

With no dedicated pharmacist services in the ED currently, the CVMC ED providers are excited to provide a rural training site for our EM pharmacy resident. This participating site provides a robust and unique rural EM experience in a community setting without immediate access to consultants from other specialties on-site.

Experiencing this approach allows residents to assess deficiencies in their medical knowledge and skills that might not have been apparent in the consultant-rich environment of the primary teaching hospital. The ED patient population is generally from the local community. Thus, there is an emphasis on improving the patient experience “close to home” and treating the ED patients like “neighbors.”

Trauma patients present a unique pattern of injuries, related to farming/logging equipment, all-terrain vehicles, and various wilderness sporting endeavors. Residents learn the essential skill of recognizing the need for transfer to tertiary care facilities, as well as deciding when it is safe to transport unstable patients.

During off-hours, the emergency physicians are the only in-house doctors at CVMC, except for a floor hospitalist, and will respond to any codes or airway emergencies in the hospital. The overall clinical experience differs from that at the UVM Medical Center and provides an essential rural training experience to our EM pharmacy resident.