conferences and seminars

Daily resident report is held on the in-service teams, followed by rounds with attending physician staff. In addition, there are daily conferences focused on resident education. There are numerous other seminars and conferences with a neuroscience theme that are held throughout the university campus involving many academic departments.

Specific conferences held by the Department of Neurology include:

  • Summer Neuro-anatomy for residents
  • Neuroscience Grand Rounds (weekly)
  • Basic Neuroscience Core Curriculum (weekly)
  • Neuro-oncology multidisciplinary conference (monthly)
  • Hematology-Neurology case conference (quarterly)
  • Neuroradiology (biweekly)
  • Neuromuscular Conference (biweekly)
  • Muscle/Nerve Pathology Conference (biweekly)
  • Neuropathology Conference (biweekly)
  • Brain Cutting (weekly)
  • Clinicopathologic Conference (monthly)
  • Morbidity and Mortality (monthly)
  • Neurovascular/ Critical Care Conference (monthly)
  • EEG Conference (biweekly)
  • Sleep Conference (monthly)
  • Movement Disorders (monthly)
  • Neuroimmunology (monthly)
  • Pediatric Neurology Conference (monthly)
  • Neurology Journal Club (monthly)
  • Program Directors Luncheon (monthly)
  • Vascular Neurology Case Conference (quarterly)
Neurology sites:
Larner College of Medicine at UVM
UVM Medical Center

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