The backbone of the IC curriculum is the Interventional Laboratory and Interventional service, which occupy 70% of IC resident experience.

With direction from the IC program director each IC resident identifies specific research projects and faculty sponsor/s to be pursued both during cath laboratory time and to focus the 2 months of elective time. Recent examples of this research activity, as described in detail below, include direct participation in the design and conduct of multi-center and local clinical trials, presentation of abstracts at national meetings and preparation of original manuscripts and review articles.

Minimum Requirements for Cardiac Catheterization Training

Level I - Curriculum/conferences, four months of laboratory time, 100 procedures

Level II - Curriculum/conferences, 12 months of laboratory time, 300 procedures

Level III - Curriculum/conferences, dedicated fourth year to laboratory time, 300 procedures (300 coronary intervention - 125 with primary responsibilities)