Program Goals

Our mission is to train a mix of clinical and academic dermatologic surgeons in Mohs surgery and dermatologic oncology. To achieve this goal, we provide an excellent clinical and academic training. 

At the UVMMC we have four outstanding clinical and academic faculty members. 

Our primary goal is to provide our fellows with an unparalleled clinical training in Mohs surgery and reconstruction. Fellows will work in clinic or surgery 8 or 9 sessions per week with four different outstanding mentors. Our unit has developed and maintains a cutting-edge online curriculum of dermatologic surgery. We expect fellows to pursue self-directed education, to teach our residents, and to participate actively in our division-led meetings including a formal presentation at the UVM Stowe Winter Dermatology Conference.  

All fellows contribute to scholarship. Multiple opportunities are available for the fellow to engage in clinical research and publication. Funding for ancillary activities is readily-available through a fund established over a decade ago and maintained through regular fundraising activities. Our fellows have won national awards for their research.

Our program is unique in multiple ways. Specifically, we offer an annual overseas trip to perform high-level, complex dermatologic surgery in an alternate practice environment. In addition we have a greater availability of funds for conferences and meetings due to our successful, ongoing fundraising activities. We have also trained the first international fellow in dermatologic surgery in approximately one decade. 

Our fellows are prepared for careers either in private practice or academia. Several of our prior fellows now have their own training programs.