At the University of Vermont Medical Center, we are committed to providing you with meaningful information to support your ability to make informed health care decisions for you and your family. The federal price transparency regulation requires hospitals across the United States to publish data on all of the charges for services we provide.

We know that you may have questions about the cost of your medical treatment. While the mandate requires us to post a considerable amount of data, we want to make sure that you are able to navigate this information with an understanding about what the numbers do – and do not – mean.

Please make sure to see the details at the bottom of this page about our financial aid and health assistance programs.

What information is posted as a result of the new price transparency rule?

  • A file containing all standard charges for items and services we provide, including privately negotiated rates with contracted health insurers, discounted cash prices and gross charges, which are also known as list prices. This looks like a very large spreadsheet with multiple tabs. The first tab will include technical information about the data.

    View Gross Charges for All Services

    (Use this reference guide for help with navigating the document.)

  • A listing of 300 “shoppable services,” which are clinical services that you choose to have and that can be scheduled in advance. Of these, the same 70 will be included by every hospital providing this data. At UVM Medical Center, we are using an estimator tool to provide this data to our patients. Learn how to get the most accurate estimate for your procedure.

    View the Estimator Tool

The data included in these two files are subject to change and will be updated annually. This price transparency information was last updated January 1, 2024.

What do I not learn through the posting of this data?

  • While this data shows price, it does not show what you will actually pay for your care. This is because what you pay depends on your health insurance plan. Your health insurance company is a key partner in any discussion about your anticipated costs because they depend on the specific features of your plan, where you are in meeting your deductible and what type of cost-sharing you have for a particular procedure.

    To get a true estimate of what your visit or procedure will cost you, please visit your insurance company’s website or call their customer service line.

Need help paying for the care you need? We’re here for you.

At UVM Medical Center, we want to make sure you get the emergency and other medically necessary care you need. Please reach out to our Billing and Financial Assistance team if you have questions, need assistance or if you would like to pay for a bill. 

There are many options available if you cannot pay for medical services.

  • Financial Assistance Program: We are committed to working with you to determine if you are eligible for discounted and free care through our Financial Assistance Program.
  • Health Assistance Program: You may also qualify for our Health Assistance Program, which covers the cost of medications, dental care, glasses and other medical equipment for low- and middle-income patients.