Get an Estimate

How much will your visit or procedure cost? We can help you figure this out, but first it helps to understand how insurance works.

Your insurance company will often pay a portion of a covered service or procedure:

What Insurance Pays
What you pay

We can help by giving you an estimate ahead of time, and then you need to contact your insurance company to find out how much of the total cost you'll need to pay.

How to get an estimate:

  1. Call your doctor's office and ask for the CPT code for the procedure. The CPT code is a special identification code given to each procedure.
  2. Call our Financial Advocacy Department at 802-847-1122. You will need to confirm the patient's first and last name, birthdate, insurance and CPT code.
  3. Someone will get back to you, normally within 2 business days, with a cost estimate.
  4. After we give you the cost estimate, contact your insurance company confirm what portion you will need to pay.

About Estimates

Estimates of charges may vary for the same type of service based on individual patient needs. The estimate provided is the average of all charges for patients receiving similar care and treatment. We bill for the actual cost of medical care, which may include other fees and costs in addition to those stated in the original estimated amount.

Hospital rates in the state of Vermont are regulated and can vary, making the actual cost of care higher or lower than originally estimated. Estimates are based on current pricing at the time the estimate is provided. Your final bill will reflect the actual cost of care.

If you have any questions please contact a Financial Advocate at 802-847-1122.