Remote Access Gateway URL:

The Remote Access Gateway provides employees and authorized affiliates with secure, remote access to applications and systems at the University of Vermont Medical Center. For additional support you can contact the IS Service Center by calling (802) 847-1414.

System Requirements

NOTE: Older versions of the below listed software may not work properly and updating to a more recent version may be required.


  • Setup and configuration

  • Logging in
    • Go to
    • Enter your login credentials and click Log On
    • Microsoft Authenticator will send you a mobile notification, choose Approve
    • You now have full access to Citrix Remote Access Gateway.

  • Managing and launching applications
    • All Apps: A list of all of the applications available to you
    • My Apps: A list of the applications that you have subscribed to from the All Apps tab
    • Managing My Apps: Click on the Options button next to an application to access the Add to My Apps or Remove from My Apps options. Please note that some applications on the My Apps tab are mandatory and cannot be removed.
    • Launch an application by single-clicking on its icon
    • For all Browsers: You may be presented with a security prompt regarding access to you local PC resources when you launch an application.  You should permit access if you intend to interact with your local PC in any way, for example, if you would like to print to your local printer.
    • For the Google Chrome Browser Only: You may be presented with an "External Protocol Request" pop-up when you launch an application. Check the "Remember my choice for all links of this type" checkbox and click the Launch Application button.


Below is a list of some of the most common issues and troubleshooting steps. Before you begin, please make sure your browser is fully updated and you have installed the latest version of Citrix Receiver. If you continue to have issues after following these troubleshooting steps, please contact the IS Service Center at (802) 847-1414.

General Issues:
  • Ensure that all steps in the Setup and configuration section above have been completed.
  • Clear your browser cache.
  • Ensure that is allowed through any Firewall software installed on your PC.
  • Ensure that is not being blocked by any Firewall software installed on your PC.

Login/Security Code:

  • You will need to use a valid username and password as well as have registereded for Microsoft Authenticator and downloaded the App. Instructions can be found here.

Microsoft Edge:

  • must be added to Trusted Sites to prevent being prompted to download or run an .ica file when launching applications. Please see the Setup and configuration section above for instructions.

Google Chrome:

  • In order to successfully launch applications from Google Chrome, please make sure that you are running both the latest version of Google Chrome as well as the latest version of Citrix Workspace.
  • You may be presented with an "External Protocol Request" pop-up. You should check the "Remember my choice for all links of this type" checkbox and then click the Launch Application button to proceed.