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Elderly couple walking in garden store greenhouse.
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Medicare provides health insurance benefits for people age 65 years and older, as well as certain people under 65 with disabilities or specific medical conditions. Becoming eligible for Medicare creates a lot of new opportunities – but you need to know how to make the most of them.

Masked physician administering flu vaccine to adult male patient.
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To help you make an informed decision about getting a flu vaccine, we put five of the most common myths under the microscope.

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After fighting and winning his battle against Covid-19, Albert LaDuke is back with his family and the things he enjoys - especially his scratch-off tickets. His treatment and rehabilitation at the UVM Health Network helped him build strength and independence so he could return home. Read Albert LaDuke's story.

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With limited in-person appointments available, Joseph Van Horn and Raymond Mitchell describe how they were able to receive orthopedic care for back injuries. Learn how they both got care during COVID-19.

COVID-19 vaccine and band-aid on arm
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Our experts address common questions about COVID-19 vaccine boosters, including who is eligible and why a booster shot is so important.

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Why do dangerous or destructive behaviors appeal to teenagers and how can parents help them steer clear? Child psychiatrist Jeremiah Dickerson, MD, offers guidance for perplexed parents.

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Infectious disease experts Cindy Noyes, MD, and Tim Lahey, MD, MMSc, join pulmonologist and critical care medicine physician Gil Allen, MD, to weigh in about boosters, mandates and more.

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Breast health experts Kim Dittus, MD, and Michelle Sowden, MD, of UVM Medical Center’s Breast Care Center join Mammography Team Leader Brittani Trombley, of UVM Health Network – Central Vermont Medical Center, to answer the 11 breast care and preventive health questions they’ve heard from their patients.

Aerial photo of a pumpkin smoothie.
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According to clinical dietitian Bridget Shea, MS, RD, CD, snacking can be an important part of our daily nutrition – especially for kids’ growing minds and bodies that need frequent refueling.

Woman holding her temples in anxiety and fear because of the coronavirus variant.
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This is an exhausting and confusing time, with endless information – and misinformation – everywhere. Infectious disease expert Cindy Noyes, MD, sat down with us to help make sense of it all.

Senior black women working out.
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Dylan Daniels, EP, CCEP, has heard all the reasons why people can’t exercise, and he has a solution for each. Getting a little exercise each day can significantly improve physical and mental health.

African-American schoolboy with protective mask is sitting at a desk in the classroom with raised hand in desire to answer the question.
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As the parent of two young children, pediatric critical care physician Rebecca Bell, MD, sympathizes with parents worried about the new school year. Here she explains why kids should still be back in school—with proper safety measures in place.

Dr. Lewis First and Dr. Rebecca Bell
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On August 18th, we held a Q&A about the Delta variant with Lewis First, MD, Chief of Pediatrics at the University of Vermont Children’s Hospital, and Rebecca Bell, MD, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics - Vermont Chapter.

Father and son going to kindergarten.
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The school year is almost here, but before you go back-to-school shopping, review these tips from Lewis First, MD, Chief of Pediatrics at University of Vermont Children's Hospital, on how to reduce your child’s risk of neck and back problems.

An illustration of young female sitting on the floor and holding their knees with a scribble thought bubble above her head.
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In this Q+A, Aron Steward, Ph.D., Chief of Psychology at the UVM Health Network – Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital shares her tips for understanding and improving your mental health after this very challenging year.