Tyler Fanning, MD


My name is Tyler Fanning and I was born and raised on a farm in rural Oregon. After receiving my liberal arts degree, I taught middle and high school in Phoenix, Arizona. Becoming a doctor was always at the back of my mind though, and I decided to leave teaching and pursue medicine. I completed my medical degree at Oregon Health & Science University, and most enjoyed my time in psychiatry due to the relationships formed with patients, and the humanistic approach, and the ever-expanding world of neuroscience, which is propelling the specialty into new horizons. Because I thoroughly enjoyed working with young people, I decided to specialize in child and adolescent psychiatry. 

While on th​e interview trail, I was looking for a program that not only would provide an excellent foundation for learning psychiatry, but also a collegial environment where I knew I would be supported not only in my academic life, but also in my life outside of medicine. UVM and the Burlington area have exceeded my expectations. The faculty is collegial, intelligent, and approachable. The residents are down-to-earth and tight-knit. Vermont and the Burlington area provide ample outdoor opportunities in all seasons, and provide a wonderful place to raise kids. I couldn't be happier to be completing my training at UVM.​